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Bowling ball belly on Thanksgiving Day …

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I over did it. It wasn’t so much the Thanksgiving meal itself, it was what I ate after that put me over.

I planned for Thanksgiving, knowing what I could eat in advance, but didn’t take the time to figure out what food I could eat the rest of the day and ended up overdoing it even though I skipped breakfast today.

It might not be so bad though. I didn’t get all of my calories in yesterday, so maybe it will be a wash.

It turns out that approximately the number of calories I missed yesterday is about the number of calories I ate today. I didn’t plan it that way though.

I did a double workout yesterday so I wouldn’t have to work out today. It turns out I’m feeling a little nervous about that, so I’m trying to slip in at least a little extra activity here and there and will undoubtedly end up paying for it tomorrow with at least a little extra time working out too, because frankly, I feel like I have a bowling ball belly after all that eating.

Maybe it will be okay. I tracked the meal based on calories for similar foods on Spark, but several of the items I ate today were made to be lower calorie versions compared to normal, so maybe I ate less than I think I might have.

Well, anyway, it’s one day out of the year. I think I’ll get through it, continue losing the weight and be a little wiser next year concerning the planning of the rest of Thanksgiving Day. And of all things, I thought that would be the easy part!

It turns out the past couple days my weight has been fluxing a bit. A little up one day, a little down the next, etc. I think I’m going to start recording my weight once a week after a TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) meeting weigh-in instead of the daily bathroom scale weigh-ins that I have been doing for SparkPeople.

The cool thing about the scale is that I noticed that the next time that I go to the doctor’s office, I could in theory use the regular scale if my bathroom scale has my weight right. They’ve replaced the old scales with a new heavy-duty digital one a while ago, probably because they have some patients like me who for a while couldn’t weigh in on a standard doctor’s scale.

It’s refreshing to think though that I’m “back on the grid” so to speak! Of course if you take my TOPS weight, because that scale is about 2.2 pounds different than my own scale, then I have a week or so to go to make that happen.

That’s alright. It is frankly confusing to think of my weight loss as measured on two different scales and maybe three if you count my doctor’s scale. So I should count one instead of all of the rest.

That won’t mean that I won’t peak at my bathroom scale every now and then though. I’m way too curious to wait a whole week to find out what kind of weight loss to expect for my weigh-in day! Maybe I should say impatient instead of curious. That would probably be more accurate, although saying I’m impatient makes me sound like I have a character flaw.

Maybe I do. Oh well. Such is life. As long as I keep it confined to things that don’t matter, then I’m doing all right!

But getting back to the topic of scales. I have another bathroom scale besides the one I’m currently using. I had to buy it because I had gained so much weight that my weight exceeded the scales 330 pound capacity. That was depressing. Seriously. What does one do then?

I bought a new scale. I’m not sure the capacity, but it’s over 400 pounds. The thing has a silly shape. Seriously, why on earth do they make the top of a scale to be sloped on all sides? It’s taking some getting used to and some practice to step on it precisely the same way each time.

At first I could never get the same read out of it twice because I could never step on it the same way. I was tempted to buy some paint and paint an outline where my feet should go, but I never did. I thought that might look tacky. It would, I’m sure.

The moment I get below 330, I’m pulling out that old scale again though. I’m going to do it just because I can. Why use the higher capacity one if I don’t need it. Plus using the old one will put me in reminder of the victories I’ve been having along this journey.

Also, the first chance I get to weigh myself on the old-style doctor’s scale, I’m going to do it. I just want to feel the exhilaration of sliding that bar over and having it not go to the very end and being able to get a weight read on the thing. That will be so amazing. I wonder if I’ll get emotional. For some reason it makes me almost want to cry now, but not in a sad way, rather in a happy, smile on my face sort of way.

Wow, it’s all possible and I’m getting there! I just have to work off my Thanksgiving meal first!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BLACK741
    Great blog, so glad that you are part of the Spark team. We all screw up, we are human and we have issues, so the issue here was it was one day out of how many in your life? You learn you move on, simple as that So glad that you are getting excited about the Doctor Scale and moving the bar, understand completely what you are saying there and it is a HUGE victory that you get to celebrate. Do a little happy dance when it happens, don't worry about what other people think, do it for yourself you will deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1940 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    Put yesterday in the past where it belongs. Don't beat yourself up, just recognized your mistake, learn from it, and move on. Make better choices today.
    1940 days ago
    It's a journey. Just get right back to your program you have set for yourself. I think it is a good idea to weigh just once a week if you are placing a lot of stock on the daily fluctuations. Weighing once a week gives you an average of all of the daily ups and downs.

    My spark people weight tracker says for me to weight once a week. Does yours say to weigh and report daily?
    1941 days ago
    I really enjoy reading your blogs as you are so honest and so very human and not afraid to share your ups and downs with everyone.

    Following your journey is one that I really enjoy and I know you'll get there.. you have the inner strength to keep on pushing.. and don't worry about one meal one day.. just keeping moving forward!

    I'm in your corner cheering you on! emoticon
    1941 days ago
    Don't stress too much about today just make sure tomorrow is a better day good luck and it will get better.
    1941 days ago
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