Hubby tried a new recipe tonight for my birthday

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sweet & Sour Pineapple Chicken. Up until now he's only cooked things I've made before, this one was totally new to us. Although he followed the recipe exactly, it needs a bit of tweaking for flavour but health wise it was pretty good:

Including 3/4 cup brown rice, a nice generous portion clocked in at less than 500 calories: 73g carbs, 9g fat & 30g of protein. So the fat and protein are great and the carbs are a bit high but that's the rice. The fibre is a bit low, only 6g. I think adding some more vegetables would help with that.

Anyway, I haven't posted the recipe because it wasn't sour enough. It wasn't too sweet, it was just a bit bland. Could have used a bit more salt, too - I get that this is a healthy recipe and some people watch their sodium intake and I think that's a good idea for a lot of people, but since I have low blood pressure I don't really care about my sodium intake.. and I love savoury food! I'll make it again soon, tweak it to my liking and then post it.

It is nice, though, to make some healthier versions of takeout. I was never a "die without it" chinese takeout fan, but when I saw the pretty rosy sauce (it's not nuclear red like the takeout version) it really made me happy!
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