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Thanksgiving Day--11/22/12

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!!
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I am sitting here in a pleasant stupor. My daughters are in the kitchen preparing the vegetables for our big veggie tray--my favorite part of our family meals. Matthew is helping Marshall move things and vacuum in the family room. Mason is helping Micah to wash the dining room floor. My husband (Floyd) and Miles are "fixing" something in the bathroom where Miles and Marshall had replaced the floor earlier this week. Mitchell and Laura are on the way here with the desserts they prepared for our meal. I am so blessed. This is one of those amazing moments with me and my sweet basset are enjoying the peace and the good things that come from a family as big as ours.

Now, to be honest, the early moments of this day were not so serene, but once my kids got a few digs into each other and did their required fussing, they really got themselves together and were the family I tried to raise and love. I have been thinking about families a lot lately--the one I grew up in, the one I have raised and many that I have come to know as a teacher. All families are not created equal--but what makes them that way?

It isn't finances. We haven't always had enough money for what our kids wanted. We made sure we had enough for what they needed, but it was and is often a bit of a struggle.

It isn't family size, obviously. With 8 kids, our kids had to learn early that "fair doesn't mean equal." That continues to be a concept that many adults don't get. I hear it a lot when teachers and families are complaining when one child gets preferential treatment of some sort because of a disability. It drives me crazy when adults cannot understand that a particular child earns rewards by following a specific rule that other kids just have to do. Sometimes, we must emphasize that rule for a disabled child and they "get" a prize for doing so. It isn't that tough when you consider that we are about helping all children to become lifelong learners and world citizens.

I do wonder if it is the church. My kids have gone to church every Sunday since they were born. We rarely miss church and they have grown up with our church family rooting them on and being their role models and support. They have grown up with my good friend Michael, as pastor and mentor. I am sure this is part of it. I hope that their father and I, although in a sometimes less than organized manner, have taught them values and life skills that will keep them all going. I know each of them and can praise them for their strengths and I can list their personal faults. That's the way of humankind though, most of us have strengths and faults. I know that today, at this time, I am feeling blessed for the competent and caring young adults my kids are becoming.
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On another note, I went to WW yesterday and weighed in (no Thursday meeting this week, duh.) Anyway, since the last time I went was Saturday morning, those are weigh-ins that are pretty close to each other and I lost .6 of a pound which makes a total of 3 for the two weeks. I have been receiving a multitude of compliments from people recently about "how good that I look" and my weight loss. That is so cool. With about three weeks until my hip surgery, I am getting to my own personal crunch time. Hmm, with Thanksgiving today, the question I have thought about is "Am I going to shift from weight loss to maintenance mode?"

I can answer that--I am having a meal that is healthy with a few more calorie costly choices. I know exactly what I am going to be eating already--there will be one calorie dense dish on my plate (Our traditional Norwegian baked mac and cheese that is so good!) I will have what WW calls power foods--veggies and turkey along with a slice of the light multi-grain bread that I love. I will be fine with this meal and even if I taste one of the desserts that my son brings, I will be good. I understand portion sizes and can do this. I will not fall off the weight loss band wagon today or on "left-overs Friday." I get to go to the pool tomorrow and I will be putting my homework presentation together. I am in good shape for all of this.

I am hoping to lose at least 4-5 more pounds before my surgery and then I will be ten pounds away from that goal I made when I thought my surgery would be in June. This is working well--I'm pretty determined. My search for a reading person to be my sub has not went as well--all of the people I am thinking of would be more than glad to do it except they have planned trips during either December or January and won't be available. I am getting to the time that I am going to have to make this known with my principal and the staff at school. Things will become a bit different for me then.

I also found out that I was selected to present at a conference in January which is an honor. I am going to have to get permission from my ortho to work at least part time in January or I am going to have to turn down this opportunity. That will make me sad because it is a chance to show off my knowledge. I was asked to help another teacher to do a presentation at the same conference on National Board Certification. Finally, my expertise has been acknowledged--and I would like to come through for this. There is a lot of good things going on at work right now--beyond our building issues. I am thinking it is a lot like my weight loss story. It takes persistence and personal commitment and caring, and then finally, success comes a bit at a time. (I'll share more on this entire thing later....)
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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. If you are having turkey--it's a great lean protein source, so enjoy!! If you are doing anything else, the name of the day is about giving thanks. I have so much to be thankful for. I think I'll go lend a hand to my kids who are all lending theirs at the moment!!

Gentle hugs,
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  • _LINDA
    I enjoyed hearing about this day when your family was coming together to all help out and pitch in. You have certainly done an excellent job of raising them that eight different personalities can actually get along and cooperate on projects.
    Congratulations on being chosen for the presentation! I hope it works out for you that you can attend it! I was back at the club two weeks after my hip replacement to do my month end. But that was a one shot deal. That was all I did and rested for the rest of the weeks. Could you not just come in for the presentation?
    That scale is moving in the right direction! Keep up the great work!
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1941 days ago
    Sounds like a wonderful day! I enjoyed reading your blog very much today. I usually do, but this one was different.
    1941 days ago
    I hope you and your wonderful family have a fantastic Thanksgiving!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1941 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your day, family and Holiday with us.

    Happy Holidays to you all !
    1941 days ago
    Have a great T-day. Don't eat too much
    1941 days ago
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    1941 days ago
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