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5K Your Way Walk/Jog Training Day One

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I got off work late tonight and had to go to the grocery store to get forgotten things. I got home around 9:15 and had to feed my fur-kids. The last thing I wanted to do after putting groceries away was begin my training. I told myself I would just withdraw from the race training until after the holiday and begin on Friday.
Here is where I began to argue with myself. All of the excuses from the coaching session yesterday began to run through my head and the rebuttals that went with them. The one that got me off my duff and into my work-out clothes was," Someone busier than you is exercising right now."! ( oh, bug off!)

So, I got into the clothes and hit the treadmill.....................
....I walked the four minutes no problem.

Now you really need to know the only time I have ever run in my life was when someone was chasing me. Long story, some other time......................

I revved up the speed for my first minute of jogging. By 30 seconds I thought I was gonna die. And then I noticed my shoe had come untied.

NOTE TO SELF always tie your shoes in double knots for running. CHECK!

I finished the minute with less difficulty because I was distracted by my shoelace!!!!!! I actually ran a bit more than a minute because I was watching so as not to trip and kill myself or wind up with a vacuum cleaner wedgie. ( it sits right behind the treadmill) OUCH!

I got off and tied my shoe and got back on. I was breathing so hard and my mouth was dry. I sipped some water and carried on. Minute 2, here we come! The second minute was not really as rough as the first. I was having some trouble with the track jerking when I land on it with my feet. Not sure if I am running too slow or too fast (not likely) or if I need to learn to plant my feet differently. I have never run on the mill before. Another nice distraction! Walking now..................

Now, here is the crazy thing. At some point during the next four minutes, I began to speak out loud to myself like I was my own personal trainer.


"This is good for my heart. This will make me stronger. This will help me be more confident. Your body was made to move. You will feel more confident. You won't be self conscious in front of others. You deserve to be well. This will make you fit. You are valuable. You deserve to value yourself. I am valuable. I deserve to be well and healthy." So on and so forth and noticed the next jog coming up.

While I was jogging, I began to pump myself up. "You can do this! It is only a minute. 40 seconds left........30.......20......G
ood job! Good job! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!! Okay! Good job!" I realised there were tears running down my cheeks.

SERIOUSLY? What's THAT about??? No idea.......walking again........

I began to talk again," You are NOT in pain. You are merely uncomfortable. This is good for you and you can do it......uncomfortable means progress.".

On it went and when I got done with the last jog, I asked myself during the four minutes following if I had another set in me.

emoticon NO WAY!!!!

I began to reason again." You didn't think you could do even one set. Look at you! You're sweating. That's good! Come on! One more.....just so you know you have it in you.......30 seconds to jog.............Here we go!"..........................

AND I DID IT!!!!!!!!!


I did 6 sets on my first go just to show myself I could. I think I had some kind of breakthrough tonight but I am not going to over think it. I am simply going to enjoy this new cheerleader I have found within myself.

Maybe I met that girl in the mirror tonight and woke her up.
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  • FIT12BEE
    You are your very own best coach. emoticon emoticon

    I, too, spontaneously break out in tears while exercising. I've always thought it was all the emotions I hold inside that need to be released. emoticon

    1818 days ago
    emoticon I love your cheerleader self ! Keep her around! Great job doing that extra interval and for getting out there and starting this program! Awesome work! Keep up the amazing job!
    1821 days ago
    I sat here and thought," I got a comment on my blog at 2:32 in the morning?".
    And then I see you are from the UK.

    My Dad walks for health all the time. He has been doing it for years. Wish I had gone walking with him when I was younger. Would have been nice.

    I like your photos. The little egret on your page is cute. I like how his legs are straight out beneath him. An assertive little fellow.

    Thanks for commenting. Obviously, another note to self.............Exercising later in the evening is like drinking a pot of coffee before bed. CHECK!

    1821 days ago

    I always do this before my first walk of the day, but I always end up going out.

    I try to have Sundays off to rest, the next will be the first.

    1821 days ago
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