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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seems like an apt blog title, no?

We're ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I think Bill is picking up a cooking bag (which is, thankfully, the only thing we forgot on our grocery trip over the weekend (I hope!)) this afternoon, and then we'll be walking OHS kids after work.

I shared with Mustang Sally that we'll be having a quiet day, just me and Bill, and the ani-babies. We have our three dogs, who will all get to share in the feast with their own portion of turkey and gravy and veggies and stuffing. We have four new additions which I haven't mentioned here before.

Bobby and Squit are ring-neck doves. These are NOT them, but they look like this.

They came home from OHS the day of my oral surgery, so we had plenty of time to bond while I was recovering LOL Bill built them an aviary on half of our front porch, and they get to go out there when it's not too cold and not raining. They love it, and will perch in bowls of timothy hay and coo like lil madbirds.

Sweet and Tart are peach faced lovebirds. These are NOT them, but they look like this:

They came home from OHS with Bill last Friday morning, and my wasn't I surprised! LOL Not really, I knew he wanted them, we were just waiting for the ok after Tart (the female) passed a misshaped egg. We call the female Tart and the male Sweet, because she is a saucy sassy thing, and initially was all about biting our fingers (or puppy noses) any time we got too close. Now, she's learned that those fingers provide millet spray, and she's our bestest buddy evah!

The birds will all get some veggies and stuffing, a very small portion. They can eat meat, but it's bad enough feeding them boiled eggs, somehow grinding up turkey and feeding it to them seems a bit.. odd.

So there, there are our plans for Thanksgiving. I'll probably (hopefully... maybe??) go out to trot my own turkey around the neighborhood a bit that morning, maybe even taking Bubbie with me for a bit.

I wish you and yours a happy safe Thanksgiving.
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