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I Think I'm Losing It

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yesterday I volunteered for my son's field trip to the Wonderlab over in Bloomington.

I got up a few minutes early to get my son dressed and ready for the bus. I scrambled his eggs. I started heating the water for my oatmeal. I went to brush out my hair. I washed my face. I came back to the kitchen, set the eggs on the table, and added the water to my oatmeal. I made lunch for the trip. I made sure I had the camera charged, the phone charged, the debt card packed, and the directions to the museum in my purse. I made sure I packed healthy snacks so I wouldn't fail. I kissed my son goodbye, watched him get on the bus, and went to change my clothes.

I drove to school, got instructions on where to meet Mrs. Teacher, then drove over to Bloomington. It was an hour drive. I wasn't halfway there when I was overcome by hunger, so I ate my 10:30am snack at 9:00am. The museum was cool. There were lots of interesting science exhibits. I was still hungry so I ate part of my sandwich at 10:30am. Lunch was at 12:00am. Still hungry. Driving back home at two, I was weak and could not resist the magnetic pull of those Golden Arches. I had failed even though I had prepared and planned.

I came back home feeling guilty for my indiscretions with Ronald. I felt bad that I couldn't control that giant Suburban and MAKE it stay on the highway and not pull into that drive thru.
I started dinner and cleaning the kitchen. And that's when I saw it. My beautiful mug, sitting on the counter, with my grandpa's favorite spoon in it. And in that mug was my oatmeal. Untouched. With the honey still on top. I was so busy running around in the morning that I forgot to eat my oatmeal. What's worse, I didn't even mentally miss the fact that I never ate the meal they call breakfast. All I felt was hunger.

My mother told me this would happen. She said it when I laughed at her as a teenager. She said if I laughed, I would get old and lose my mind, just like she did. I didn't believe her. I told myself I would be smarter than that. I said I would keep my thoughts together no matter how old I was. I was wrong! Chalk one up for Mommy!!!

One positive thing I got from this was the importance of my breakfast. It sets the tone for the whole day. I have better control of my food intake when I start with a good foundation. I just need to keep the mug in my sight, until I actually see the oatmeal is gone.

I wish my daughter would quit laughing at me. I wouldn't want to wish this on her.

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  • MAMALISA1975
    It wasn't a complete loss. You learned something new that will help keep you on track better next time!
    1947 days ago
    This is so easy to do...just like being harried and putting the milk in the cabinet or eggs in your pocket...or a zillion other versions. This IS however a great lesson in why we need that break of the night's fast. Your body NEEDS that fuel. I have to say, I think you handled things remarkably well in view of the circumstances and all the added stressors. GOOD JOB. Maybe next time, you had better not put down that mug till it is empty again. emoticon
    1948 days ago
    Found an interesting article about breakfast sandwiches on yahoo. Which average 900 calories. But something was worse! I copied and pasted the following excerpt.

    What’s the Worst Breakfast of All?

    Whether you’re looking to slim down, build muscle, train for a marathon, or just protect your health, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. And a fast-food morning meal is not the worse choice. Instead, the unhealthiest option is not eating a morning meal at all.

    Not only do people who skip their morning meal—or begin the day with only a cup of coffee—have less energy, worse moods, and poorer memory those who eat breakfast, studies show, but they also face some serious health risks. First of all, they’re up to 450 percent more likely to become obese, which in turn boosts risk for a wide range of ailments, including cardiovascular disease—the leading killer of Americans—gout, joint problems, and even some forms of cancer.

    A 2012 study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also reports that people who regularly skip breakfast have a 21 percent higher risk for type 2 diabetes. The researchers tracked about 29,000 men for 16 years and found that the increased risk remained even when body mass index was into account. Scientists suspect that a morning meal helps keep blood sugar levels stable during the day.

    SOOO next time eat your oat meal young lady! emoticon LOL emoticon
    1948 days ago
    It's amazing how we tend to "repeat" our parents "mistakes".

    My Dad says, "Good grief!" ALL the time and now I say it too. I must sound like Charlie Brown (and my Dad! lol)
    1948 days ago
    Oh I simply LOVE your comical take on life as it happens.
    Thanks for a great pick me up and a peak at....its not only me.
    1948 days ago
    You were distracted for real!

    I bet you were relieved to find that oatmeal, at least it explained what went south! :-)

    You'll do better the rest of the day. Shake it off and move on.

    1948 days ago
    You forgot your breakfast because you were thinking about the upcoming trip. Your hands made this mug of oatmeal but your brain was busy and didn't register it. Don't worry.
    1948 days ago
    stay motivated!
    1948 days ago
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