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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hi friends

Many of you know that I have been nibbling around the edges (pun intended) of the Intuitive Eating philosophy. Today I have to tell you that I am about to plunge head first in - on the basis of an interview I just heard.

Being interviewed is Elyse Resch, one of the authors of the Intuitive Eating book.

I don't want to tempt anyone away from their current eating system - if tracking and following the SP principles is working for you, you should continue.

What I found was that I was not feeling good about my relationship with food. It was becoming obsessive - and I was going through a control/out of control cycle. This interview really hit a cord (or several) with me.

What did she have to say that caught my attention?
* That some people develop disordered eating after being on a diet. (The regular binges that have only started since I lost weight)
* There are 'white knucklers' - those who appear on the outside to have it all together. They eat well, they exercise regularly . . . . but they are 'white knuckling it' - on edge the whole time. (Ring any bells? Maintaining for 12 months, but still bingeing on breakfast cereal every week or so)
* That research demonstrates that toddlers naturally practice intuitive eating - it is a skill we are born with that we lose through conditioning (I see this with my kids - do you want another pancake? no . . . can I have an apple?)
* The analogy of the french fries - if we tell ourselves that we can have fries anytime we wish, then once they go cold, or after we've had a few, we will stop - it is the mentality that we aren't allowed to have it, so we should gobble them all up, even the burnt, cold, greasy ones.
* The fact that every body has its own natural size - and that trying to maintain weight below that may lead to feelings of deprivation. (This is HUGE for me - I am currently 58kg, a weight I have not been for about 15+ years. In 2005 when I travelled around Australia for a year I lost weight to 64kg - and maintained it until I got pregnant in 2007. This was my initial goal - but SP made me see I could lose more than that. Is it possible I can be just as happy, healthy, fit etc at 64kg (a BMI of 21.6) as I can at 58 (a BMI of 19.6)?)

So, I am going to step away from the scale - put maintenance on the back burner. Focus on what is really important to me. Feeling good in myself, feeling fit and strong, being good to myself, focusing on the important things in life.
Oh, and buy the book!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow. I will bookmark this to listen to later, because your summary sounds really fascinating. The first two points in particular speak to my experience - I have gotten SUPER tense about food and exercise. I'm sure I'm a white knuckler! And while I engaged in disordered eating before losing weight in the sense that I overate out of boredom, emotional upset, for comfort, etc....I developed real fear of food as I approached and surpassed my goal. My gyno went ahead and diagnosed me with Female Athlete Triad, one symptom of which involves disordered eating or at least insufficient caloric intake to support activity level. I'm not anorexic, but I'm afraid of eating more food than I think I *should*, even though what I think I should eat and what I need to eat in order to regain weight are not the same. I fear unexpected food. I panicked when I heard that the cinnamon bread my mom made for a party was going to have more butter than the original recipe called for. I'm worrying about coworkers taking me out to lunch next week for my last day of work, because I want to get my daily lunchtime walk in and I want to eat my usual spinach salad and whole wheat bread sandwich and fruits and such - not restaurant food! I feel like I have a very disordered relationship with food right now, but I need to keep tracking to make sure I'm eating enough or I just know that my fear is going to keep me chronically undereating so that I don't gain the necessary weight back.

    Anyways, thank you SO much for sharing. I am totally going to check this out as soon as I get a chance!
    1941 days ago
    Found your blog today ( and also that you ascribe to Michael Pollen's quote!) So I'm going to check out the link. Thanks!
    1941 days ago
  • KANOE10
    That wss very interesting. I am going to listen to the interview..Of course it is fascinating that while you maintain, you are a "white knuckler". That is the way I spent my life in the yo-yo pattern. Never being secure in maintenance.

    Good luck on the intuitive eating. It makes sense. emoticon
    1945 days ago
  • A*L*P*
    I have been one of the "white knucklers" big time. I got abotu half way through and plan to finish listening.

    Funny thing when they brought up the toddlers, I have been really watching how my little guy eats (he's 16 months old) and I love it. He's picky about what he eats, he thinks about food when he's hungry only, eats then moves on with this day. He doesn't feel the need to "clean his plate" unless he's just that hungry. It has been very insightful to watch him.

    Good for you. I read about the setpoint weight in the Health at Every Size book, that is a good read, too. But the IE book is an excellent read!!!

    Banishing the scale has been a must for me. Scale = obsession. 100%. I weigh and I take myself away from intuitive eating because I am then, looking for external tools to tell me "how I am doing" instead of relying on how I feel. It is still hard, I will admit it. I have gone two weeks without weighing but I don't miss it.

    Let me know if you get the book!!!!
    1945 days ago
    Yes, I agree 100% Glad you are thinking, blogging, posting. It is good to have friends to share along the way.
    1945 days ago
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