The Healing High Desert

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

There are beautiful healing things to see in the desert that you cannot see in any other part of the world.
The Sun is a special force that radiates healing heat and light with an intensity you do not see in other locales.
And the night sky rivals any visit you've made to a planetarium.
The desert is a good place to heal and commune with nature.
Look past the sand and the cactus and join me in my journey on this visit to the High Desert.
If you slow down to look you will indeed find great beauty in the High Desert.

Our first stop was in Southern New Mexico to an awesome State Park called Rockhound State park. This is an amazing place for anyone who enjoys looking for treasures on the ground. For $5 a car load you are able to leave the park with 15 pounds of rocks per person.
FAR OUT says I, and grabbed my pick axe, shovel, gloves, boots and back pack.

Moving North through the state, we stopped at Three Rivers Petroglyph National Monument to look for messages from the ancients.
They had a lot to say.

We took a tour of the historic turquoise trail which was littered with turquoise mines, ghost towns, torrist towns and rock shops

My favorite part of the trip, my most triumpant was climbing the Bandera Volcano.
I was so proud of myself for reaching the top of the volcano, and examining the dormant crater at it's peak. With the physical challenges I face, I felt like I had won the olympics! I really didn't win the olympics, but I did win over the muscle weakness and chronic fatigue I face as one of my daily challenges.

Exploring the sandstone bluffs we discovered the world's smallest naturally occurring lake. this magic little lake NEVER dries up.

And, like everything else, the sun does set on a good vaction, and all good things come to an end. But not before flashing a little bit of awesome beauty before the very end.

This was such an awesome trip. It revived me in body, soul, and spirit
And I scored some really awesome rocks while I was there. I love awesome rocks.

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