The 4-Hour Body Week 3 (Cravings Killah)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This week on the Slow-Carb Diet was a little more up and down than the previous two, but I learned an important lesson. Let me begin by talking about my 2nd weekly check-in on bodyfat. Last week, my 1st weekly bodyfat check I’d gone up 0.2% but my period was looming. So I was excited to see a 2.3% loss of bodyfat over the two weeks I’ve been on the plan. Wow! If you do the math, that would be 4.8 lbs. of fat – G O N E! That being said, I’m not convinced that my scale’s method of determining bodyfat is really reliable. Drinking water in the morning beforehand is supposed to help with that, but I’m holding out my big celebration dance for a month down the road when I really see a steady trend.

Now for the downs of my week; I went back to clean eating again very easily to start week 3. I did end up having some snitches of sweet stuff or trigger foods on my first few days of the week, culminating in a big slip up Tuesday evening. There was still Halloween candy around, and several times on Sunday and Monday, I found myself out in the garage with my hand digging in the grocery bag placed high atop a shelf. It only amounted to 4 fun-size candy bars over 2 days, microscopic damage when compared to previous post-Halloween weeks of year’s past. But I think it also led to a couple of spoons of peanut butter (a trigger food of mine). Then on Tuesday, my oldest son and I had a date to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on DVD (we’d read the book together a couple months ago). After nibbling on peanut butter earlier in the day, I found myself seriously craving sweets all afternoon and early evening. I ended up taking a few bites of his mac ‘n’ cheese as I was fixing his dinner, and after dinner was over. After dinner I got into that dang candy again. I ate more than a few pieces, but less than a full out binge. We didn’t have much left thankfully, but I felt totally crappy before bed that night. I decided it was time to acknowledge my mistake and move on. I could work hard to get 3 more clean days out of my week and put these sugar cravings behind me.

And the upside of all this is that I did finish my clean week with three squeaky clean eating days. Not a morsel of sweetness crossed my lips, and what a huge difference it made. My cravings were obliterated! And it showed me that this program is hardly any work at all if you truly surrender to it and give up your former treats. If you give in and partake in “little” things during the day, it makes for so many mental battles afterward. I prefer a day without feeling like I’m getting tugged back in that old familiar, backwards direction.
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Week 3 Results: Lost 1.2 lbs. and just over 3/4” of circumference. My husband was very pleased I didn’t lose any of my bust this week, My arms and legs didn’t change either, but my waist and hips went down a little bit.
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This makes for three straight weeks of weight loss, totaling 7.8 lbs. I am SO pleased with this streak. I feel like there is a glimmer of hope that I can meet my 2012 goal after all; to see a new low weight on the scale before the end of this year would be some serious awesomesauce!

As promised last week, here is a typical day of eating for me on clean days. There is no calorie counting or logging food on this plan so I don’t have many quantities listed.
Wake-up: 40 ounces of cold water and start fixing breakfast
Breakfast: 2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites scrambled with chopped green onion, ½ cup steamed lentils, chopped red pepper, and 1 cup spinach. I use Smart Balance to sauté the veggies in before I add my eggs. Coffee with ¼ cup whole milk and 1 tsp. raw sugar.
Lunch: Sauteed chicken breast (at least 4 oz.), drained and rinsed canned black eyed peas, steamed green beans with some smart balance.
2nd Lunch: ½ can of split pea soup and my 2nd cup of coffee (with the same milk and sugar)
Dinner: The filling for the beef burritos I made for my family (beef chuck roast simmered all afternoon with red kidney beans and pinto beans added before serving) with some added bell pepper and half of a roasted acorn squash with salt, pepper, and butter.
Big glass of red wine (I usually have this 4-5 nights each week with dinner)

This week I also promised to chat about ice baths. He has a chapter in the book about a NASA engineer who was seriously befuddled that Michael Phelps could consume over 6,000 calories a day. He knew that calories in-calories out didn’t explain this massive intake of calories and Phelps’ chiseled physique. After doing some engineering calculations he realized it was the thermodynamics of the cooler pool water that was allowing him to burn more calories than he would with his workouts alone. This begins the chapters on using ice to lose fat. There is loads of scientific information, and lots of results from the engineer’s and author’s experiments with ice baths. To condense it into a few sentences, there are areas of our body that have a type of fat called brown adipose tissue (BAT). This fat has the ability to raise body temperature without shivering. We’re all familiar with shivering from cold, and this is also a great way to burn calories, but BAT has the ability to oxidize fat and burn energy in order to raise body temp without the shivering. It was long thought that only infants and hibernating mammals had BAT, but recent research has found that it is present in adults, with a higher percentage located in the upper chest and upper back/neck area. This explains why Phelps burns so many calories, he is in that cool pool water for 8 hours a day, and this increases his calorie burn. So the author’s recommendation, for us mere mortals, is to use an ice pack on your upper back (trapezoid area) for 20-30 minutes each evening while you’re sitting watching TV. He also recommends adding a cold finish to all your showers, letting the cold water run over your shoulders and back for 2-3 minutes. In my opinion the ice pack is way easier to take than the cold shower, especially at this time of year! But I’ve been trying both out and usually do at least one of these per day. I figure it’s a small investment in time to potentially get a little extra fat burn. The real question is, can I apply the ice packs directly to my belly fat? Hahaha!

Tune in next week, where I will deliver the report on Thanksgiving! My cheat days won’t be a full week apart this time, so let’s see if that has an effect on my weight loss. Well that, and being out of town with my foodie family in a cozy mountain house. I wish you all a successful Thanksgiving week and hope that none of us has a big, fat, fail of a week ahead.
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    I've definitely been enjoying reading about your clean eating adventures! You are doing AWESOME and it has gotten me intrigued for sure! Keep at it girlie!!!!
    1882 days ago
    Interesting blog! Congrats on all your success with this program so far. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!
    1889 days ago
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