Tuesday day 48

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well frosty and cold this am, but a great walk after Allie stops putting everything in her mouth.
Now she has eaten and is crying for hubby who gives her 2 treats when ever he gets up in the am.
So this am we go to vet for her rabies, then I stop and get the req for my R knee exray and maybe I will go to hospital to get my knees exrayed. I have to do the recipes, and get something out for supper. Not sure what all we will do today but that is my plan. My L foot is still tender but not as sore, and my knees are sore today. Had a lot of steps yesterday so perhaps that is part of it. Not sure what weather is headed our way could be that.

So now to get ready to take her to the vet. LOL The start of hubbys day, feels like the middle of mine. She was sleeping till 7:30 then 2 days of me having to be up at 7 and now she is too. LOL Dec 4th we have to be downtown Dart. by 8:15 so heaven knows what she is going to think as she needs out 2x between 7 and 8;30 every day. oh well missy.

Tomorrow going to see sister in law as she is really down. Having a hard time with the drs in her area, it isn't known for great care and boy she is an example. Not doing much for her in regards to another stress test, or dye test etc. just keep saying your arteries are blocked here take this, then her bp bottomed out and they took her off one adn then played with another beta blocker. I understand that, but her bp was 29/100 and they let her go home!!!! cos that was better than it had been. OMG 29!!! and the dystolic was high. OH well she said she will come visit us or hubby other sister, get sick here and go to the good hospital. Sounds like a plan!

okay time to go get beautiful before we leave for vet. Cya have a great day.
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