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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good morning Sparkers!

Sometimes we are torn between enjoying a beautiful moment in time and having it annoy the crap out of us. That was my dilemna during this morning's drive to work! (Fret not my friends, I took the picture in the safest way possible and without taking my eyes off the road - my skills are just that impressive).

So, as you've guessed, I've decided to try and incorporate pictures into my blog posts to make them more fun to write - and to read! With an iPhone, that task becomes all too easy. I do have a perfectly amazing Canon camera that takes absolutely stunning photographs but you know, an iPhone fits in my pocket.

Okay, so moving on... I will divide this particular blog post into six sections: Food, Water, Weight, Fitness, Personal (update on the date I had last night) and Sleep. Feel free to skip to the parts that interest you.


In a pinch to grab my lunch, I brought leftover pasta. Although it is whole wheat and I load it with veggies and blah blah blah... It's still pasta and it cost me a heaping 487 calories *gasp* (I was as honest as ever) - and the cheese... oh boy do I love cheese.... well it wasn't necessary but I made the choice to grate some sharp cheddar into my lunch container so I just had to live with that choice- and those calories.

All that to say, I didn't have many calories left to play with for my dinner. Well guess what saved the day! Thai Coconut soup with 8 big ol' shrimp.

I buy this product at Costco (in Canada) and it is delicious! If you love spicy thai food: yum yum.... and only 170 calories per cup! I add shrimp for protein and that whole delicious bowl ends up being 230 calories. Not too shabby and well withing my range.

I ended up consuming roughly 1350 - my range is 1200-1550 - and that's WITH a bowl of cheerios with skim milk for a post-date snack (more on that later).

Food was a success. I also met all of my goals for protein, carbs, fat, etc.

So.... what did I not do so well with? Water.

I forgot my bottle at home and in my small office building, we don't have a community water cooler or cups... or anything. Also, because I had plans in the evening, I wasn't home to chug my water. I had 2 coffees and one glass of water before bed, that's it for fluids. Bad girl, I know. *slaps self on wrist*

Well, I'm happy to say I weighed in at 199.8lbs this morning so I'm officially back into Onederland. I would have taken a picture but only thought of it afterwards. Next time :)

I don't want to get overly excited because I might have also been a little dehydrated and that might have caused the drop in weight. I am expecting my weight to go back up tomorrow so I will NOT be discouraged if it happens.

I felt icky yesterday and although I had planned on going to the gym right after work as I normally do, I came home instead. The last thing I need is to go and pass out while bench pressing or something. So, I just laid in bed for 20 minutes before mustering the will to get ready for my date. I imagine it's because I started taking birth control pills again and I'm sensitive to the hormones.

So... the date :)

No, there are no pictures to show you. Can you imagine? lol Scaring Perfectly Good Men Away 101, taught by yours truly.

It went perfectly. We went for coffee and talked for 4 hours. He was funny, kind, smart, insightful, and soooo super handsome (but I knew that - his eyes... his jaw.... his lips.... *breathes deeply* Okay, I'm alright!).

We share the same goals, the same values, and we want the same things out of a relationship. It's way too soon to tell but I think this guy has some serious potential and he seems to really be into me. He told me I was beautiful, to my face. I think I blushed.

I've been single for about 6+ months now so this was nice. He even opened doors for me and was more chivalrous than any guy I've ever gone on a date with. Needless to say, I am beyond excited and we've already decided to see each other again this weekend.

I joined the Official Better Sleep Challenge on SparkPeople and one of the action steps is to keep a sleep journal. This seems a bit much for me, so I decided to incorporate updates into my blog. My goals are to 1) journal my sleep patterns, 2) be in bed by 10pm and 3) NOT hit the snooze button and be up at 6:15am.

Last night, because of my date, I only got home at 10 so I was in bed by 11pm. I knew this would happen so I'm okay with it. Today is my official day one. HOWEVER, I am super proud to report that for the first time in a GAZILLION years (or so it seems), I did NOT press the snooze button and I shot right out of bed!! I actually feel more energized this morning as well.

Two things helped me achieve this. First, this message, you know.... in case I forgot:

annnnnd this cat who, at the sound of my alarm, goes into a frenzy of neediness.

She honestly starts meowing her head off right outside my door EVERY morning as soon as my alarm rings. The INCESSANT meowing (like, the I-might-be-dying-so-come-save-
me kind of meowing). She then proceeds to follow me into the bathroom, throw her little furry paws at my legs & whatever else she can reach, to get snuggles (as she is doing in the picture). Licks, kisses, nibbles and rubs... she gives them all. Cutie pie :)

She takes advantage of the fact that my dog is still sleeping at this point to get snuggles. They don't get along.

Whatever works to get me out of bed, right? My brothers (who are also my roommates) don't find the cat as cute and amusing as I do in the morning.

So that's my recap for yesterday. I'm down 10 pounds overall and feeling AWESOME.

Have a great day Sparkers!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That soup looks amazing and your cat is ADORABLE! I want to steal it... I mean...

    Anyway, it sounds like you are doing great! So happy for you! I'm also glad to hear that the date went well. Sounds like potential! Congrats on Onederland and don't worry to much about the workout... just hit it hard next time!! :D
    1942 days ago
    Oooh, that soup looks delish!! I'm going to have to look for some next time I'm in Costco... I've also found Baxters soups to be good to have on hand for those days when calories are at a premium. Most of them are 90-110 calories per cup.
    1943 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! Keep up the positive energy!
    1943 days ago
  • STODD251
    Sounds like you had a great day yesterday! Maybe you can set a reminder to bring your waterbottle to work. I can't imagine how dehydrated I would feel if I only had one cup of water. Keep up the good work!
    1943 days ago
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