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A Not-So-Slow Monday

Monday, November 19, 2012

Recently my boss changed one of our office workout times from Tuesday afternoons to Monday mornings. I was not a big fan of this change. Who wants to work out first thing on a Monday morning? But really, Monday is the day we wear our blue uniform, as opposed to the camo uniform (ABUs). They are much more annoying to get into after working out and showering at the gym. But, honestly now I think its better to work out first thing Monday morning. It forces you to get it done first thing that week before making up any excuses. And it makes the work day go by a bit quicker, because by the time you get into the office, 1.5 hours have already passed of the work day!

I woke up around 3am this morning feeling nausea for no apparently reason. I got some cran-apple juice and went back to sleep fine. When I woke up with my alarm at 5:30 I felt the same thing. Weird. I ate my cereal and drank some more juice, took my celebrex for my thumb. And then got my things together and headed out to work-out and then work. I did 40 minutes on the stationary bike, rolling hills. Completing 8.66 miles. I was really not feeling well, and the more I was noticing that I was sweating, the more sick I was starting to feel. It was so weird though because it was just nausea. I am going to get my period this week, but I dont normally feel really bad nausea, and when I do feel nausea its like the day before. Not a full 3 days before.

At lunch time, my office building had a catered thanksgiving lunch. I had some turkey, corn, and mashed potatoes. And a chocolate cupcake. I felt a bit better afterwards except that about an hour before lunch my stomach started hurting. Not period cramping - like actual GI stomach pains :( The eating helped a little bit, but it never really went away. When I got home from work I didnt even want to eat anything for fear of vomiting. I ended up eating some mac & cheese, which is my go-to when I am not feeling so well. The only thing I can think of is that my celebrex is giving me stomach pains, which is likely because it normally does this if I dont eat enough food - I might just stop taking it and stick to advil/motrin. Or I am getting a touch of the stomach bug, which I am hoping is not the case.

And no, I don't think I'm pregnant.

So, for now I am sitting in my bed, likely to head to sleep early and hopefully sleep off whatever this annoying stomach pain is.

Oh, my boss is sending me to yet another training course in December - this one is a 3 day course in Alabama. It's called the Victim's Counsel course. Apparenly the DoD has decided we dont take sexual assault cases seriously enough, so now we are appointing individual attorneys in each office to represent the victim's. I am not really sure how this will work, but I am excited to go to the course so I can find out first hand exactly what the plan is. And apparently after attending this course, I will be a designated Victim's Counsel. I am not sure how this will affect my already uncertain career in JAG Corps these days, but I am wondering if this will be an interesting twist on where my next assignment could take me.

Although, doesn't it feel like I have done more travelling this year for my job than I have done in previous years? It does to me!

Also, I suddenly have more work to do. I think I had 5 things assigned to me today, and they were surprisingly not the baby work I've been doing for the past 2 weeks, and the weeks prior to going to deployment training. I am so glad I have something worthwhile to do, and I potentially solved a base-wide issue today! Go me.
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