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Quick Tip #71~ Put a lid on it!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thought I'd share this "green"Food storage tip today, which may come in handy for the holidays, when there's a lot of cooking, food prep before the big day... and left overs after it.

I've got an assortment of dinner plates, one of them is a very smooth white ceramic called Corelle made by CorningWare. (UPdate! 11/21... CHRIS3874 sez: its a type of tempered glass..thx Chris)

My first introduction to Corelle was at a friends house for Holidays some 35 years ago.

I was curious about the plates on which our food was served.
They were a unique substance, I hadn't seen before, half way between glass and porcelain.

The patriarch of the family said they were virtually unbreakable despite their fragile appearance. When I expressed disbelief he threw one against the wall like a frisbee.

It didn't break.

I haven't tested the aerodymics of Corelle since then.

But I do use these Corelle plates as "lids" to the ceramic and glass bowls I use for my leftovers, with the bottomside of the plate serving as a lid.

You can use any type of plate, as long as it covers the top and extends over the edge of the bowl.

I like the Corelle because it doesn't have a "foot" on the bottom of the plate to catch food. I prefer putting the bottom side of the plate towards the food so that I can stack other things on top of it if need be.

You need the" hangover", ie a plate that is larger than the mouth of your bowl.... in the event that the bowl is knocked while you're trying to get past it to something else in the fridge.

The advantages:

* You can put your food into the fridge without waiting for it to cool down all the way... and not worry about steam condensing on the plastic or foil wrap, raining back down onto your left overs.

* You can stack other things on top of your covered bowl, without the wrap being pushed down into contact with your stored item and creating a mess.

* There's no need for aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic wrap... all of which are going into a landfill when you're done using them and always seem to run out, right when you need a LOT of it.

*When it comes time to eat the leftovers, you can reheat them in the microwave or conventional oven and put it directly on the table in the same bowl

I've also used casserole dishes with covered lids (also made by CorningWare) for left over storage in the fridge. I don't like those as much, since they have a knob handle which means I can't stack another bowl on it.

But they do work in a pinch.

Happy Holidays
: )

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