End of Year Countdown - Day 22

Monday, November 19, 2012

So far, I've not gained an ounce. A minor miracle since I've certainly been "exposed" to many temptations already, including many eating-out events.

I'm remaining focused mainly on eating as many veggies as I can, many raw in salads with a wild variety of ingredients, because I know, I've learned and got the numbers to prove it, that those veggies are WONDERFUL for my health!

As we head into Thanksgiving week, doing some baking ahead of Turkey Day, visiting offices where food is already displayed like we're all stocking up before going into hibernation for winter, I have to stay AWARE. I prepare myself before I go anywhere. If I'm offered this or that, I'll just SAY NO without giving it any thought and tell a joke, give a compliment, say anything to change the subject. I will not consider food at all.

I have a pot of home-made chicken soup simmering on my stove today. I made the chicken bone broth a few weeks ago and put it in the freezer. Now I've added some water, cauliflower, onion, garlic, shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes and a few poratbella slices to it.

I leave chunks of white meat in my bone broth so it's in my stew now. Very tasty, satisfying, non-starchy and high in minerals. Good for your bone density and for the flora in your gut as well. Hence the traditional chicken soup for your colds and flu.

It also has the perfect balance of alkalinity and acidity that your body needs to stay healthy.

All those "oldtimers" knew what they were doing, lol.

It takes effort for me to keep the right thoughts in my head that help me stay on track. But not as much effort as it will take if I go wild with food and then have to get rid of 10 pounds on January 1st!

So, are you filling your mind with thoughts that will keep you from filling your mouth with food?

Good luck to us all.

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