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***my NO VEGGIE vacay - WITH PICS****

Monday, November 19, 2012

It was never my intent to completly cramp my colon on this vacay. I went into my vacation knowing that my diet would be compromised a bit but unless mashed potatoes with a sweet lump crab butter sauce poured on top counts as veggies, the greens were nearly non-existent. My vacation begin in the airport where I did get in 45 minutes of exercise during my layover by power walking the concourse at Chicago Midway. I then stopped and had lunch at Potbelly's. I did manage to choose wisely by having the Chicken and Cheddar sandwich which was their second lowest calorie item. HOWEVER, I got weakened by the Ben & Jerry's store and stopped and had their small cup with mint chip and cookies and cream mixed. Tasted amazing. Didn't help the diet. Hopefully the serving of shredded emoticon on my sandwich did me a little justice.

My best friend picked me up at the airport and it was so exciting to see her because she moved to Atlanta at the beginning of my weightloss journey and hasn't seen me since other than pics on FB. At that time, I was in the process of getting LapBand and she was trying vehemently to talk me out of it. I had already been approved by my insurance company but because of an error by the initial surgeon, I had to seek out a new surgeon which post poned my surgery. I decided that I would try to implement the diet the nutritionist gave me in preparation of the surgery. It was a reduced calorie diet that I would eat prior to starting my liquid diet before the surgery. I also told myself that I would try to workout and strength train to kick start my metabolism so that I would have faster results. All these things led to me losing 7 lbs which suddenly made me inelligible for the surgery by just a couple of pounds. I had a choice to either gain ten pounds and have the surgery or continue trying it on my own. I had a dream one night that made my decision for me. In the dream I was being prepped for the surgery and it was discovered I was diabetic. I was horrified but then I suggested to the doctor that the surgery would help me lose weight which would cure the diabetes and make me healthy for life. I remember so clearly this dream doctor saying, "the surgery will definitely make you thinner but it wont cure your diabetes. As a matter of fact you are just trading your fat for a series of other issues, BUT you will be thin. OR you could walk away, work hard, lose weight and be fit rather than thin and eventually have no diabetes. Surgeries kill people. Diet and exercise has never killed anyone." I woke up from that dream and have not looked back since.

So my best friend sees me, we run to each other and as she hugs me she squeels, "You're so skinny!!" She couldn't stop looking at me. At one point I am trying to talk to her as we wait for my bags and she is just staring at me with this weird look. I am like, "What??" and she says "I don't even know how to talk to you or what to say. It is so weird. I know it is you but its NOT you." It was a gratifying feeling.

But anywho, this blog is getting lengthy so let me wrap it up. Bottom line: I partied a lot, slept a little, ate sparingly and when I did it was good yet fatty food. I did walk a lot on my vacay and even worked out in the hotel gym. Today I get back to the grindstone.

Here is a pic from the first night at Gladys Knight's Soul Kitchen where I ate chicken and waffles, collard greens, macaroni and sweet potato cheesecake emoticon . I was sick after.

Afterwards we went back to my friend's cousins house before we wnet dancing. They wanted to take a pic and I just knew I would be the fat one in the picture. I was utterly suprised that I looked normal in size.

My best friend is on the right.

The next day we did a lot of shopping. Then on Sunday we went to the national headquarters of CNN and took a tour.

Then I decided to pretend I was a new journalist at my desk, writing up a news story.

Oh, no! I have been interrupted and I am on a tight deadline!

Here is a pic my BFF took before a night out. I tried out my fuschia lipstick.

I really wish I took more pics but I am sure you get the hint. I had fun and I made some fatty choices but ones that I enjoyed. This week will be very structured until I let it loose on Thanksgiving. Have a successful day beauties!!
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