Sunday, November 18, 2012

heeeyooooo! lol.
Well ill be honest, i didnt totally follow my diet this past week. the cravings got the best of me. it wasnt bad bad persay, but still. not good. its ok. ive got this week to catch back up and do damage control. i almost spelled that contril. i always do that. finger type derp. if i didnt correct all my typos, it would hilarious.
jon gave me some pre-workout stuff to try for when i want to do my dancing. my only issue with workouts sometimes is that i just dont feel pumped enough to do it. so, he said do like half a scoop of this stuff for starters and see what happens. i would have done it today but i slept the day away. had just enough time for chores and homework. and xmas shopping. but maybe tomorrow. oh wait.....nevermind! my friend is coming over to buy some paintings and drink wine with friends. jk!
the big test is coming up. about two to three weeks. i think i will be ready. i have been, ahem, distracted (shifty eyes) by jon lol. i told him yesterday we have to make sure to study. like, study for two hours everytime we hang out, then we can just chill and do whatever. gah, hes so cool. i cant believe i was so depressed about loosing jason when heres jon, treating me like NO ONE ever has. i wont go into it, cuz theres so much he has done for me in such a short amount of time lol. its nuts. we started as classmates, then friends, then now we are officially dating lolol. but as friends he got me, let me be me and even encouraged it, so there was already this strong friend thing going on, but then i started crushing. and told him. and he told me he had liked me from day one lol. so cool.
i finally started xmas shopping. so far i got my bff mandy a purple rose wine bottle stopper and a hand made sign that says "we will always be best friends. you know to much..." lololol perfect. then for my 'sister' i have bought some hair stuff cuz we both torture out hair and a pair of cool red gothy earrings. mom im going to try to find a new purse. she only lets me shop for the for her lol. dad....i have no freaking clue yet. brother prolly just money, brothers gf...maybe jewelry? gift card to bath & body works? idk. then theres jon. frickn frack! boys are so hard to shop for when the dont even know what they want. but heres the plan: im making some of my friends red wine hard candies. yes, it is totally possible lol. so making him some out of his fav malbec. then a gift card to GNC since he is always buying the protein powders, vita packs, etc. parents are buying him a Game Stop gift card. hes got all the new games and whatnot, but he straight up told me he has stopped playing them since i have been around lol! so cute. other than that, i have no idea. maybe like a dinner somewhere.
anyway. lol. im still fitting into some of my old jeans. they zip,...but not quite fitting right but thats SUCH a huge hurray moment. still wont buy any new clothes until i loose the rest of the weight. all of my pants have holes on the inner thighs where my legs rub. cant wait for my legs to NOT do that anymore lol.
so , anyway, song of the day here. it will make you smile. made me smile. played it for jon cuz its perfect lol. aaaaaand now he always plays it when he picks me up to go anywhere. cute hu? here it is.
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    Wow! You are super busy. What are red wine hard candies? I love that sounds like me all the way!

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