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Friends and the blessings they bring to our lives!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

emoticon emoticon emoticon This world revolves around friends!

Especially when you don't have a large extended family...it revolves around our family 'stand in~s' those we determine as friends.

I don't care if they are in the flesh n blood form or the 'over the cosmos's form..they are just as true and just as real!

Tonight we spent the night with two of our oldest and dearest friends Patty & Darryl. They have been friends of ours since 1979...over 27 years ago when we first met them here in SW FL. There was an immediate connection when we found that we were both from Iowa. The great midwestern state and we were both independent business owners in a foreign state..searching for the great American dream here in FL.

Unfortunately we had both lost vast sums of money on a construction job with a crooked builder in our efforts to forge a new frontier and Patty and I bonded over our strategy to get repaid for the monies we were duped on. We call it the $50,000 friendship and although we didn't recapture the money we were owed it allowed us to meet each other and build a friendship that was strong and trusting.

We raised our kids together, saw our business' flourish and grow, watched our retirement from our business and then our lives proceed from that point forward.

When we lost our son, who was there for us...our best friends. Although they never could completely comprehend our sorrow and our pain and our total devastation, they did their best to try.

So, tonight so many many years later it was an honor and a privilege to share a family dinner at their house with two of their daughters, their son in law, and their grandchildren.

It allows us to enjoy all of these things...the very things that we miss so desperately in losing our own son and the vastness of his future sharing the very same family dynamics we so enjoyed this evening.

I love my dear friend Patty's daughters, they are so beautiful and so intelligent and so full of future dreams. One is going through a dicey divorce and she is so vulnerable and so sad for what her future holds for her and her 3 children. I did my best to reassure her that she has her whole life ahead and that she will once again find happiness.

I pulled out all of my own life lessons to give her hope for the future and reassurance that the spirit of a woman is full of promise and strength.

I relished the hug and the thank you's at the end of the evening. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you can share your little piece of life experience in hopefully assuring another fellow human being that 'this too shall pass'.

i am feeling very blessed and thankful for ALL of my friends this evening.

Today was a GOOD, GOOD day! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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