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Day 31 - 18th November 2012 - Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daily Note

Sunday is supposed to be rest day but i guess it was Saturday this week for that, today was not quiet or able to rest upon, Wow i have not feelt this tired with my job since i started with it about 5/6 years ago. This is a fairly sized clinic and there is people coming in and out, this hospital may have alone 1000 maybe more new patients each week, not everyone stays, some just come for shots, or to monitor their AIDS or HIV. And other conditions they may have. I am good that i have not had any bad encounters with the Jackals that roam around here, Nor have i came across any snakes during my stay which is good, i can't believe that i am already here 2 weeks, time is going super fast, before i know it i would have to fly back home, which is in a month's time. Then have a medical checkup, its procedure to do when you go abroad and work in a medical facility like i do you don't want to be spreading anything to the patients because the things that 3rd world countries have westernize countries just would not be able to handle some of the diseases they do not happen. So i am tired on a Sunday but i ate well, stayed in range though. They have a different sort of doughnuts , they are about baseball sized dough balls that have been deep fried, something different but it did taste nice. I also had ones with meat in it more like a doughy pastry. Let me see if i can find a link on it to show it. Ah here is "Vetkoek" The one with the meat
and the one without is "Oliebol"
This is once in awhile thing, i can imagine if this was a daily thing it be like eating Mac Donald's everyday lol. Since both these are fried.

Since i am tired my progress for most part is still the same, hopefully tomorrow i am not so tired to write a proper day blog.


November Goals

They are coming along nicely.


Sparkpeople Plan

I am on track with this :)

Motivational Song

Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows by Lesley Gore

Don't like what she is wearing especially that sweater but i always thought this was a fun song.

Motivational Quote

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

I do agree, we need to be able to change for the better us, to see clearer and the bigger picture, if we do not change i find that we are clouded by the things we want but do not get because we are afraid of making those change, and we don't see the picture clearer.
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