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Fourteen months along - super sweaty day

Sunday, November 18, 2012

And not from heat.

We'll see how well that picture comes out. That is the back of my shirt I wore at the gym this morning, after I'd finished my workout. The top little section at the neck - that's the only part that is dry. The front didn't fare much better. Whooo-eee.

Here's the latest shots:

17 Nov 2012 @ 169.5 pounds

Side View

Another three pounds this month. I'm in a little bounce up from my latest low of 168.5 pounds (which I sat at for three days, then bounced up a tiny bit for my Wednesday Weigh-In for the BLC#20 I'm doing).

This puts me at 81 pounds down from my starting point - and only about 15 pounds away from my "goal" of 155 (originally was set to 160, but I dropped it after some consideration). I'm leaving that goal really open-ended though. For all I know, my memory of my body at 150 pounds could be skewed and I could safely get down to 145. Or because of all my weight work, I could have more muscle / lean body mass and 155 be a stretch.

Really, even now I'm less concerned with the scale than the pockets of fat that need to be reduced - most notably around my torso and abdomen. They're the last to let go, and likely to take longer than hitting a goal weight to shift as needed.


Last picture has nothing really to do with the above. I've gotten into the habit of walking from work to a further away light rail station that gives me a 1.6 mile walk. The city I work and walk in for this has decorated a freeway underpass I walk through. Hopefully this picture shows what I mean:

It's neat to walk toward that in the dark. (Not so neat that it is that dark when I'm walking ... it's the one pitfall of losing Daylight Savings Time. But I wear my reflective bands from a Firefly Run, so at least I'm not hard to see.)
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