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My "Me Day" Birthday!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What a good day I had!

First off thank you all for all your goodies and Happy Birthdays I received these last two days.

You have made my day!!!!!!

I slept good go in 7 hours, had a coffee and check my messages and sparked until John got up. Got dressed up in a pair of Black Dress Pants and a Leopard Turtle Sweater, Black Boots and Hair slick back in a clean ponytail. I coloured my hair last night and it is a bit darker than I like but it will lighted up in a few washes.

Then we drove to IHOP for my free Birthday Lunch. We both ordered the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Breakfast, mine without the berries since I am allergic, I had apple sauce on my pancakes instead and boy was it tasty. John enjoyed his and half of my pancakes for I was too full after one pancake and my eggs and bacon.

Then we walked around the Mall for an hour to get in a walk before we went to visit mom. Did some window shopping and didn't end up buying anything but I do know what I am saving up for. A new Pedometer and a new cell phone. I have saved enough Fido Dollars to get a new phone and all I have to do is renew my two year contract for $25.00 and I get a great new touch phone.

This old one I have has a cracked face on it and that is why some of my pictures are dark and fuzzy.

We then visit with mom for an hour and she actually wished me a "happy birthday and told me to take 25.00$ out of her account so that I can buy something with it.

mmm. new pedometer or phone??????????

I might get both when I get paid. I need both.

After the visit with mom, we came home and decided not to go to Red Robin since it is pouring hard outside.

We both decided on Homemade spaghetti sauce over bow tie pasta and garlic bread. That took two hours to make, needed it to simmer for an hour so that the taste comes out.

Had that and then watch the prelims of UFC

Fell asleep for 30 minutes and then woke up refreshed to begin working on Homer Simpson
Now I am trying to write this bllog and finding that my typing is going from right to left instead of left to right. Don't know what I did to change the settings

So forgive me for how it looks. I am trying to figure this out.

Well this is frustrating so I have to go and fix this.

Still all in all a good day.


Oh good I fixed it

YEAH for me!!!
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