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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nope, not me. I retain a healthy core of laziness to balance out the Crazy One living inside my head.

My daughter's dog has turned into the Fitness Nut.

It took him 4 days to pick up on the pattern of morning walk; he still hasn't quite yet got it right after 16 days. He hasn't quite understood the purpose of an alarm clock and that he is not one.

He really can't be blamed too much. There are sound reasons I call him Stupid Dog. He tried to bite a wall once...2 seconds after I told my daughter that he's not as dumb as we think he is.

Yeah, sometimes I'm wrong.

His other nickname is Fat Dog. For most of the time we've had him (4.5 years now) he weighed 95 pounds. The family we got him from was an older couple in a tiny house (maybe 800 sq ft) with almost no yard, another lab mix even bigger than Stupid Dog, and a daughter and 2 toddlers moving back in. They would regularly feed him hard candy as treats and he didn't have much opportunity to run around. So he got fat. I think a healthy weight for a Labrador is around 60-65 pounds maybe?

He's so fat that when he walks his whole body sways side to side. You can get sea sick watching him.

Now though, as we were on the Morning Mile walk, I noticed that he doesn't seem to be swaying quite as much as before. Is it possible he's lost some weight? Could be, although I have no way to weigh him. He gets so excited to go on his morning walks, wiggling & doing his little Fat Dog hops all over the house until he gets leashed and we go outside. After the first day or two he doesn't even stop to much to read and leave his doggie messages.

This afternoon, as I was getting ready for my run, he started the whole hop/prance/wiggle routine again and I realized that he was expecting another walk because he saw me putting my shoes on. My daughter said after I left without him he just sat by the door for a while, then went and laid down and watched it the entire time I was gone, like he was hoping I'd come back and get him. Sadly (for him) I won't run with him; there's too much stopping & starting and change of pace and tangling of the leash.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Gotta love dogs and their enthusiasm! My Ozzy does the jellybean wiggle butt dance every-time he thinks I even squinted sideways at the door!
    1827 days ago
    That's cool about the dog. The best kind of workout partner!
    1829 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    Poor Stupid Dog is not so stupid-he associates you getting your shoes on with his walk! I am sure he looks forward to your morning mile. Our little shih=tzu loves to run, she is trained to walk beside me and when no one is around, I let her off the leash and she trots right along. Sometimes she likes to go on ahead so she can sniff-she knows I do not like lal the stop and start!!
    Hopefully this exercise will help to take some of his weight off. I am reading so many articles recently about how we are killing our pets by feeding them too much. We have friends with a King Charles cavalier mix that has gotten up to 25+ lbs and she should maybe got 12-15 so they are killing her but they aren't willing to limit her treats and walk her more. She used to run and play with our baby but she can't do it now-she just waddles.
    Keep up the good work and Stupid Dog will soon be sleek and slender!
    1831 days ago
    Awww that is so sweet! He wuvs you and your walkies...
    1831 days ago
    Awww! He was so looking forward to another walk. Is there any way you can take him with you? I know you said his leash gets tangled and he stops for breaks. Well atleast he does get a walk,he seems so sweet! I agree exercising normally not being a nut about it. I use to be an exercise nut,2hrs 5 days a week. I eventually burned out and realized no more then 1hr a day 5 days a week and 2 rest days,this works for me and my body loves it too!
    1831 days ago
    this makes me happy. Dogs love a walk. It will take a while for him to build up endurance, but he will lose that weight! Ask your vet what is FD's healthy weight! And FD will be protective of you on the walks, too!
    1831 days ago
    AWWWWW I love this cute...Fat dog and Stupid dog...but he loves you...
    1831 days ago
    LOL When my dog sees that I am preparing to go on a walk, he runs to the door and waits with that "bring me" look. LOL
    1831 days ago
    Could be that he loves you and wants to be with you. (smiling) Sounds adogable.
    1831 days ago
    1831 days ago
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