You are in the NORMAL weight range

Saturday, November 17, 2012

10 mins ago, getting close to my 50lbs goal I decided to calculate my BMI again.
In all honesty I need to lose a bit more than 50lbs but it was a surreal number to begin with. I was shocked when I read the following

"Your BMI is: 24.5
You are in the NORMAL weight range."

My heart skipped 3 beats and typing this now I can feel tears wanting to flow.
I made it to NORMAL!
Immediately I had to share it with a few people who have been inspiring in my journey. Lastly I emailed 3 of my favorite ZUMBA instructors. They fueled my love for this class in a way I am now a ZUMBA instructor myself

This is what I emailed them:

I wanted to share this with you ladies because you're such a big part of my inspiration in my fitness life.
Heather THANK YOU, for telling me about Sparkpeople. Those trackers were EXACTLY what I needed to figure out my path.
"Your BMI is: 24.5. You are in the NORMAL weight range."
YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My BMI was 31 when I started my journey, now 49lbs down I made it to NORMAL!
So close to my 50lbs goal. I am so happy!!!!!
You girls are the best, thanks for making me sweat. I hated jumping jacks Stacey but now they're a breeze. When I started out I thought I was gonna keel over doing all the jumping you all make us do. Never thought they'd become easy. I've come such a long way and sharing all my little victories with all of you has kept me accountable and on track. I didn't wanna come in and tell ya I gained weight, so it for sure kept me where I needed to be
YES!!! I could cry right now.

Life has changed and will NEVER be the same as it was in the past. I've lost weight before but not like this. I'm dedicated to working out, I'm a fitness instructor for Pete's sake! ME!!!! And my journey is going well. I teach 2 classes per week and just yesterday I had a job interview to go teach in another place as well. And guess what! They approached me!

Life is beautiful and I'm going to live it to it's fullest!

Thank you for reading

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