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Pace Yourself, Paula. Pace Yourself.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Minneapolis is having perfect running weather today. 30 degrees and full sun w/ no breeze. The idea of running on a treadmill, on most days, makes me want to bang my head against the wall but it is the perfect segue back into it. However, given the choice to be outside or in the gym, I'll choose outside in a heartbeat. And I did.

I had it decided that I was going to hit the 5K mark today as a benchmark for my January 1 race (which has turned out to be the best decision ever, by the way! More on that shortly...). Good intentions aside, I'm just not ready for more than 30 minutes when I'm giving it my all. I was most certainly giving it my all today.

I did a good mix of warm up walking (6 minutes), then walking/running intervals using things such as driveways, trees and fire hydrants as my benchmarks to hit as I ran. As I remembered, running outside takes a few minutes to really become used to. My legs have typically tried to freeze up in the first 10 minutes or so, and they did so again today, but once I'm over that hurdle it's all good. I managed 1.93 in a little under 30 minutes. That's not half bad considering the last time I worked on trying to get to 5K it took me 47 minutes to hit 2.6 miles.

These legs remember and that's very exciting to me!! I have to pace myself though. My running isn't contained yet... the spurts to knock out some quick distances were consistently averaging 10:30/mile today. That was where I was when I was running regularly. Going slower seems painful to me mentally, but my lungs and oxygen capacity are not there. The extra weight isn't helping things either... I feel heavier as I go (which I am) but more like there isn't the strength/boyancy I used to have. It's ok, I'll get there.

So all in all, I'm ridiculously proud of my tenacity. What I'm also thankful about is that I'm not hallucinating that the compression running shirts I tried on at Target the other day are cut differently. I was trying on XXL and couldn't even get it on and the arms looked like they were cut for children (I actually checked to see if it was placed in the wrong spot). I was horribly disappointed until this morning. I pulled out my compression shirts from two years ago in XL and they still fit me now... so it's NOT me. Amen.

So... the idea of doing a January 1 run as a comeback has turned out to be brilliant. Beyond the obvious reason of starting the new year off right are the goodies they keep adding to this race! I knew we were going to have hot chocolate waiting at the end (yum!) and a well-earned medal...

but then they announced they were giving us glasses...

and the embroidered fleece zip ups are now accompanied by knit penguin hats!

I am so excited! I love my sport!!!
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