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One day

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I am knackered, physically and mentally, after Parkrun this morning.

In those at least 35 minutes (I don't have my time yet) I went through everything from 'I ran all the way up that hill - I AM AWESOME' to 'Walking. Again. Some runner you are.' and back again to 'I pushed SO hard those last few metres!'. I think I need a lie down now.

Every week as I run round that route something happens or I struggle, and I think 'one day it won't be like this'. One of those things was that I always had to walk up the one hill on the route. It was my goal to, one day faaaaaaar in the future, run all the way up it.

Well it turns out all I needed was a bit of motivation. Towards the end of the fourth K we started playing leapfrog with a blonde woman. We overtook her as she was walking, then she started jogging again and overtook us. We went a bit faster and passed by her, then I got a stitch and had to walk for a minute as she went by us. Then we got to the hill. I was so close behind her I could have touched her shoulder without having to stretch much, and then she started slowing down to a walk. The incredibly competitive part of me took a deep breath and said 'We can overtake her. We are running up this hill.' And I did!

I also felt like my throat was closing up by the time we got to the top. BUT the point is that I achieved one of my 'one day...' goals, today.

Here are my other 'one day's, although I'm sure the list will grow the more I try Parkrun:
1. One day I will not be lapped by that 10-year-old boy. (SO embarrassing).
2. One day I will not be lapped.
3. One day I will finish before someone running with a pram.
4. One day I will run the whole 5k with no walking breaks.
5. One day I will be able to run with the pack instead of being a wee dot way off in the distance behind them.
6. One day I will finish in less than 35 minutes.
7. One day I will finish in less than 30 minutes.
8. One day I will run all the way up that hill without having a panic attack because I can't breathe properly.

You never know, after today I feel like one day could be just next week : )
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