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Making it up as I go

Friday, November 16, 2012

When I last blogged, the plan was to run intervals and possibly lift weights on Thursday. Thursday turned into a rest day instead. It started with the light jog up and down my hallway in the morning. I could feel the sore thigh a little more than I liked, and the bad foot was worse than it had been on Tuesday. If it had only been one or the other, I'd have run the intervals anyway; but with both, I decided to give the legs another day of rest. I can lift weights in the evening instead.

Evening came, and I needed to sit and do nothing for a while to recover from a de-motivating work day. Yes, it's possible to have those de-motivating days even when I work at home. I ended up calling it a rest day to let the beat up body recover. Of course, rest is a relative term. I did get in two half hour walks, at about a 14 minute per mile pace. It was hard to walk slower in the good walking weather.

I took Friday off work, and thoughtfully turned off the alarm that was set for 6 AM. Got up at 6:47, and went about the morning routine in a relaxed and dilatory fashion. The foot and thigh felt better. The sun was shining, and the temperature was right around freezing. Projected high was in the upper 40s F. It was the same kind of day we had on Thanksgiving last year, when I ran my first organized 10K.

With some uncertainty, I decided to run my intervals with a notch up. I moved to walk 4, run 1; and I set out to keep it up for 10K. It helps that I can trust RunKeeper to tell me accurate distances on the iPhone, so I don't have to map it out in advance. Also, I can run a squiggly route around the neighborhood with opportunities to bail for less distance.

So I didn't have a firmly planned route in advance. Just before the one mile point, I made a decision to throw in the big hill, from the easy direction. On the back side, I ran one of the three small hills. At the tail end of the route, I added a small amount of distance to complete 50 minutes (gotta grab that 10th Spark Point), and it came out to a total of 6.41 miles:

It went well. As expected, the first running interval felt long after doing all those 3 minute running intervals. In hindsight, looking at the elevation chart, that might be because I was running up a hill as tall as the little hills I've trained on; I just never thought of that particular stretch of road as a hill. The end of the third interval found me on the down side of the big hill, and feeling like I could keep running. I slowed to a walk anyway. On the flatter portions of the route, I didn't try to run fast, and when I paid attention tried to not run particularly quickly. So I ended up with an average pace of 7:48 per mile, which isn't a huge increase from my run 3/walk 1 pace. I guess I must have successfully slowed the running somewhat.

Later in the run, I began feeling my calves. They had a familiar training effect soreness, so I gave them extra time on the post-run stretching. I also made sure that I stood or walked gently quite a bit for the next couple of hours. I've learned the hard way that sitting continually on that kind of tired is a Bad Idea.

The big question is what my legs and feet will feel like tomorrow. Tomorrow is a non-running day, because I ran today. My current thinking is to get a shorter workout, maybe 6 full cycles of run 4, walk 1, on Sunday; then not run again till the 10K on Thanksgiving. But that's a tentative plan; I bear in mind that the last plan I articulated didn't happen as intended.

Still and all, even if the legs and feet react poorly to the increased distance today, I have 6 days till the 10K. I'm optimistic that I'll be able to repeat today's effort by then.

And the weight lifting? I think I'll skip it today in favor of lifting tomorrow. That will make me feel like I'm doing something on a Saturday even if I'm not running.

At any given point, this probably sounds like a well thought out, disciplined approach to rehab and training. But from where I sit, it feels like I'm making this up as I go. And that just has to be good enough.
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