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November BSG - Luscious Lavenders - Week 3 - Blog : My Favorite Thanksgiving Memory

Friday, November 16, 2012

Into week 3 now and with Thanks giving coming up it is Thanksgiving related blogs. I don't celebrate same day as USA does, my family with English/Irish background has always celebrated it on the same day every year since i can remember. And that being 25th November. Exactly a month before Christmas, it has been done this way because Christmas has been materialized over the years, very little do you see it without Christmas presents, that seems to be the highlight of Christmas days rather than being with loved ones and giving thanks to the lord. So 25th November is dedicated for that, there is no git giving, but appreciated with your family and giving toasts on what you are thankful for the past year. But sadly this year i will not be with my family to celebrate it. And this isn't a known celebration here in South Africa.

But my happiest memory would have to be when i was a child, there was maybe 10 - 15 of us cousins or so at that time on my father's side, There is a big age gap with me and my brother and our cousin's on our mother's side at this time there was none. Well anyways we were all at hour house, since we have a nicely sized farm house. Everyone brought a plate and we had such lovely food, although the turkey was braised in lard, the traditional way. I remember us children playing about i was maybe 4 or 5. Us children were between ages of 3 and 12 . It was like a big playground, we had so much fun, I remember it snowed that day we made an army of snowmen and igloos and forts with help of our parents, we pretended we were Kings and Queens, running about defending and throwing snowballs. I think we did this for 2 hours or something like that, before we were called in to clean up and eat, what a fun day was that. We sure did have a imaginary mind back then, a child's imagination is surely endless.
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