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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A tale from Monday: went to Popeye's for a bit of fried chicken. Got there and was seduced by the idea of crawfish instead, so I ordered that. It wasn't ready, so I grabbed a seat, chatting with the girl behind the counter. Didn't have any timeline on where I was going after, so played my turns in Words with Friends. Looked up on occasion to see the employees chatting it up. Finished playing the last game where it was my turn and went up to the counter, and was asked if I needed anything else. Told her I hadn't received my food yet. The kid had the decency to turn red, obviously mortified, but not flustered. Totally give her points for that. She offered a bit of chicken on the side, in addition to my order, and I accepted, lunch the next day, or that was the plan anyway.

One effect of this fast food double shot was that after I'd gone to my next destination, instead of heading home, I put in an unplanned stop at the gun. Might not have been the greatest idea, what with me verging on being sick (again!) (And I say verging because it seems limited to a head cold rather than full on ick, after all, I made it to the gym Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, which is sad in a way since there were entire months when I lived two miles away that I didn't make it to the gym three times, but I digress), but hey, I was feeling good, and I was in the (creatively defined) neighborhood, so I went.

The extra grub was consumed piecemeal over the entirety of the next day, a piece of chicken anchoring lunch, the side of red beans and rice adjoining dinner, and the apple pie annointing desert, of you'll excuse the grammatical mash I've made of this sentence.

And tonight, back to Milwaukee for more rock and roll, to watch a cartoon come to life. Going to see Dethklok, the band from the cartoon network show Metalocalypse. The album released under that name are fairly engaging death metal, but I'm excited to see drummer Gene Hoglan (the human atomic clock, for his precision) and guitarist Mike Keneally and bassist Bryan Bellar. The latter two both played with Frank Zappa and Steve Vai, and have a cool, quirky band together called Beer for Dolphins. Interested to see them turn the amps up to eleven and get their metal on.

Don't think I'll mix it up with the kids in the pits tonight, though. Spent last night wheezing and not sleep well. Don't need the added exertion. Doesn't guarantee I won't go for it though.
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