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Thursday, November 15, 2012

(All exercises will use the NASB version-& the exercises can also be done while reading rather than only trying to do them without looking at the text.

You may want to copy and paste this onto a word doc. & print it out to make it easier to do.)

Day 183

2 Kings 4:38-44; 2 Kings 5; 2 Kings 6:1-23 (NASB):

2 Melachim 4:38-44; 2 Melachim 5; 2 Melachim 6:1-23 (CJB):


emoticon OT Reading Retention Challenge: Questions, Fill in the blank,
Word Scrambles:

OT Questions:

1-What did Elisha tell his servant to do with the pot?

2-What did the prophets cry out?

3-What was the disease that Naaman, captain of King of Aram's army have?

4-How did Naamon find out how he could be cured?

5-Who told Naamon to wash in the Jordan?

6-Why was Naamon angry?

7-What was Gehazi's mistake?

8-What was Gehazi's punishment?

9-Where was Elisha when the king of Aram sent his people to take him?

10-What did Elisha pray for his servant?

11-What was the Aramean army struck with?

12-What did Elisha say to do rather than kill the Arameans?


OT Fill in the blank:

When ______ returned to ______ there was ______ in the land.

His attendant said, "What will I set before _______men?" But he said, "Give them to the people that they may eat for thus says ___ _____, "They shall eat and have ____ ______ ____.

So he went down and dipped himself ______ times in the ______ according to the word of the ___ of ___; And his flesh was ________ like the flesh of a ______ ______ and he was _____.

The man of God said, "Where did it ____?" And when he showed him the place, he cut off a _____ and _____ it in there and made the ____ _____.

One of the ________ said, "No my lord, oh king; but ______ the _______ who is in Israel tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your ________"


OT Word Scrambles:

1. lilagg

2. otandh

3. nanaam

4. anamaer

5. sprelyo

6. jdrnoo

7. riommn

8. egazhi

9. athosicr


OT Question Key:

1-To make stew for the sons of the prophets

2-"Man of God. There is death in this pot!"


4-His wife's Jewish servant girl

5-Elisha through his servant

6-He thought that he was too good for the kind of cure offered

7-He took a reward from Namaan after Elisha refused a reward.

8-Leprosy for him and for all his descendants


10-Sight to see God's army


12-Feed them and send them home


OT Fill in the blank key:

1-Elisha, Gilgal, famine

2-one hundred, the LORD, some left over

3-Seven, Jordan, man, God, restored, little child, clean

4-fall, stick, threw, iron float

5-servants, Elisha, prophet, bedroom


OT Word Scrambles key:

1. gilgal

2. dothan

3. naaman

4. aramean

5. leprosy

6. jordon

7. rimmon

8. gehazi

9. chariots


Acts 21:27-40; Acts 22:1-22 (NASB):


Acts 21:27-40; Acts 22:1-22 (CJB):


emoticonNT Reading Retention Challenge: Questions, Fill in the blank,
Word Scrambles:

NT Questions:

1-What were the charges that the Jews of Asia accused Paul of committing?

2-What did the people do when they saw the Roman commander and soldiers?

3-Were did the commander order Paul to be brought?

4-Who did the commander think Paul might have been before questioning him?

5-Who did Paul say was his teacher?

6-Where was Paul blinded?

7-Who told Paul to receive his sight?

8-What did Jesus tell Paul to do when Paul was in a trance?

9-When did the people stop listening?


NT Fill in the blank:

For they had previously seen _________ the ________ in the ____ with him and they ________ that Paul brought him into the ______.

When he got to the ______ he was _______ by the ________ because of the ________ of the ___.

But ____ said, "I am a ___ of ______ in Cilicia, a _______ of no insignificant city; and I beg you, _____ me to _____ to the people."

"It happened that when I ________ to _________ and was ________ in the ______ that I fell into a ______.


NT Word Scrambles:

1. sdasamcu

2. naasani

3. lietgsen

4. odcemmanr

5. tuircnnsoe

6. dtaicle

7. rckbaars

8. pagyntei

9. ananerze


NT Question key:

1-That he preached against the Jews, the Law, that place, and brought a Greek into the temple thereby defiling the place.

2-They stopped beating Paul

3-The barracks

4-An Egyptian insurrectionist




8-Flee Jerusalem

9-When Paul explained that God told him to go to the Gentiles


NT Fill in the blank key:

1-Trophimus, Ephesian, city, supposed, temple

2-stairs, carried, violence, mob

3-Paul, Jew, Tarsus, citizen, allow, speak, people

4-returned, Jerusalem, praying, temple, trance


NT Word Scramble Key:

1. damascus

2. ananias

3. gentiles

4. commander

5. centurions

6. dialect

7. barracks

8. egyptian

9. nazarene


emoticon Psalm/Proverbs Reading Retention Challenge: Questions, Fill in the blank, Word Scrambles:

Psalm 79:1-13 (NASB):

Tehillim 79:1-13 (CJB):


Ps. Questions:

1-What did the nations invade?

2-What is the speaker asking God to pour out over the nations that don't call upon His name?

3-What is the speaker asking God to forget regarding His people?

4-How much reproach does the speaker ask to be laid on his neighbors for their reproach of God?


Ps. Fill in the blank:

They have given the ____ ______ of Your ________ for food to the _____ of the _______, The flesh of your _____ ones for the ______ of the earth.

We have become a ________ to our _________, A ________ and ________ to those around us.

____ us O God of our__________ for the _____ of Your ____; And _______ us and ________ our sins for Your ______ ____.


Ps. Word Scrambles:

1. aennrecihit

2. delfedi

3. eparhocr

4. iiaothnbat

5. rfrsefoathe

6. lsntaoavi

7. sgocnfif


Ps. Questions key:

1-God's inheritance


3-The iniquities of their forefathers

4-Seven fold


Ps. Fill in the blank key:

1-dead bodies, servants, birds, heavens, godly, beasts

2-reproach, neighbors, scoffing, derision

3-Help, salvation, glory, name, deliver, forgive, name's sake


Ps. Word Scrambles key:

1. inheritance

2. defiled

3. reproach

4. habitation

5. forefathers

6. salvation

7. scoffing


"Praying the Names of God" HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, Qedosh Yisrael (Day 5)


Today's memory &/or meditation verse:

For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Heb 4:12 (NAS)

Memory Tools: x.html


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