Buzy week !

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well our potato soup is all gone and i think i am going to make some vegetable soup today ! emoticon I just don't have the time to make up enough to can but i can make a big pot for the weekend. I love homemade vegetable soup ! I like cabbage in it but don't have any and don't want to go to town. Got to go to town after lunch i might get some and cook it on the side and add it to the pot ! I guess there is more than one way to skin a cat ! emoticon DH is at the doctors office getting a physical so he can have cataract surgery. Both eyes have them so they are going to do the worse one first and then in 2 weeks the left one. I can see enough to drive with sun glasses on but my eyes are really light sinsitive! Were we go i can get in the right hand lane and stay there it's about 16 miles of highway . I don't trust changing lanes without help because i can't see much out of the left eye. If they can get the scared tissues to clear up some in my eyes they might beable to take off some of my cateracts which will help ! Dh has to go to a skin specialist to he has a black nasty looking mold praying it's not cancerous but if so they can usually take care of that. He said we need a roll of bailing wire to put us together !Were falling apart ! LOL!!! But i thank God everyday for the health we have we can still get out and go to church grocery shopping and eat out .Lots of people can't ! Gone out tomarrow to eat with friends from florida they are going back day after thanksgiving . His niece passed away and he come back for the funeral and her sister is dying with cancer to . That will be 3 children out of the family of 4 kids that died with cancer. Got church tonight . Got an earlier appointmen with the arturitis doctor December 12 instead of Jan 26 that will help ! Have a great weekend it's suppose to be pretty ! emoticon
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