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Arive Alive

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Houston, Texas Thursday November 15, 2012: I have been watching what I eat now since Halloween day. I have come to the conclusion that it is not always pretty! My biggest failures tend to come at night when other family members are present and accounted for, and then I eat what they eat. Sadly that is not always a good thing. On nights that I am alone my eating habits are good, not optimal, just good. I understand and realize this must change in order for me to improve beyond what I am already feeling and seeing. Now it is time to put what I know into an action. Knowing seems to be one thing and doing is the big step that some never take or put off and off… and off… and off. BUT, I do not want to be one laying in the ER in fear and panic because I may have just had a heart attack and wishing I WOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE! Fact is that now is the time because later, after a major medical incident it makes the road back harder, steeper and full of potholes ready to take you down. Not to mention if we are six feet under, exercise will not help. So Now is the time, whatever city you’re in, is the place and YOU are the reason to make a change; even small ones.

My changes:

I make Healthier food choices, which I hardly ever, if never, would eat. For example, I try to get two serving of fish in a week, beans, lettuce, chicken, no more hamburgers or unhealthy tacos, I choose corn tortillas over flower, minimal salt intake now. A banana a day, more water, shooting for no soda (I’m hit and miss on this one). I use things to kick metabolism up, such as, lemon and pepper etc.

I move more. I do calf raises when standing around, I found a seated cardio program (which I cannot do it all, but I am working up to it). I use resistance bands to tone. I stretch more and move more in general.

I have a goal. I want to reach 300-350 and buy a bike and ride again. As a kid I loved to ride and even road my bike about 8-10 miles to my cousins and in the city of orange California that is a big deal at the age of 11! I want to get to the place in health that I can actually travel from Texas top California on bike to visit my Mom and dad’s grave as a way of saying Look mom and dad I made it and I am healthier and stronger. I have been fat all my life and I remember how excited and proud my mom got when I lost some weight as a child. We lost her to cancer when I was 13. My dad died in 2010 suddenly, well after a week in a coma, my brother took his ashes to California and so I thought as a goal It would be nice to finish my fight against obesity to pull into that cemetery on a bike, ride up to the grave and thought they are not there, just a shell left behind, I am sure in spirit they will rejoice with me, their sons long time battle ending in his victory not only over fat but over disease and sickness and early death that could have resulted from that lifestyle.

Thus, I work toward that goal and one day… I will Arrive!
So what have my changes done for me since 10/31/2012?

My Blood Pressure is perfect!
My Blood Sugar is under control!
Looking for all meds to be reduced soon!
I feel better
I sleep better
My self-esteem is growing!
I’m sexy and I know it!
Nope I do not know how much I lost, but clothes are looser and pants are falling!!! emoticon

To end this blog post I say DO IT and DO IT NOW!
Make a change, even if a small one.
My new motto will be Arrive Alive! I fully intend to arrive at my goal Alive, not just breathing alive, but Alive as in full of life, energy, excitement, kicking, screaming, laughing, loving, and living life – ALIVE!
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