Help! My job is trying to make me fat!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work luncheons. Seriously, my new job lovessssssss luncheons. My old place of work was cheap, busy, not very employee oriented, and there really just wasn’t a lot of people working the same shifts for it to be worth it. We had a party or luncheon once a month to celebrate birthdays but they were usually quick and to the point because all of us had deadlines or something that we had to be doing. However, this new place holds lots of meetings, baby showers, team appreciation meals, individual birthday parties and potlucks. Some of these meetings last over 2 hours and some during normal lunch hours meaning the bosses here have usually provided food. Lunch for them unfortunately means lasagna, fried chicken, pizza, subs, etc. Today was cheese raviolis and buttered breadsticks. I’ve avoided this for weeks by packing my own healthy lunches and snacks. But when I get called into a last minute meeting at noon that I’m told will last for over an hour chances are I’m going to help myself to some of whatever you have because I’m starving! Which is exactly what happened today, I sat there being diligent and awesome for an hour, then an hour + some still awesome, and then gave in and had some of everything out of pure hunger and boredom. Also, in our line of business we’re often the subject of what I’ve come to call “lunch schmoozers”. Home health agencies want us to refer our discharging patients to them and are often having lunch delivered to us to attempt to win our business. One day it was Heavenly Ham, the next was Panera Bread and tomorrow is Chipotle. Again I could decline this, but the agencies are only providing it to myself and my director so it’s difficult to refuse without being rude. (They normally sit and chat with us while we all eat together, weird I know.) Luckily the agency bringing Chipotle tomorrow asked for our orders, so I can at least make that as healthy as possible!

Another thing: the employees love hosting their own potlucks and parties during lunch hour which is becoming difficult socially for me to make new friends! I was called picky to my face the other day because I was eating my salad that I packed instead of the homemade casseroles and wings they brought from home to share. I’m always polite about it, and think in the future I’ll sign up for these as well and just make a healthy homemade dish for everyone so it doesn’t always seem like I’m not participating. But being the new girl in a club full of people who have been there for years isn't easy when you're not eager to join them in the break room. I've spent most days enjoying my lunch in my office in private, which I actually prefer anyway cos' I get some work done at the same time, but it would be nice to make some new friends since I'm missing a lot of mine from my previous job.

I love my new job so much! I guess I just wished working in healthcare everyone would care a little more about our health! & that I wouldn't be faced with this particular battle so early on in my journey. Any tips on how to avoid giving in to the temptations, or not being socially awkward/rude at a potluck?

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    ahhhh yes my work tries to make me fat as well. it seems like every time i go into work there is some sort of goodie or another someone has made and brought in. its a never ending thing. And i have a serious sugar problem =x
    1952 days ago
    You are right on track with bringing a dish that you can eat and share at potlucks. I go to two potlucks a month, pretty regularly and I have to do the same thing. I make something I can eat. I eat mostly that. I take a bite size portion of one or two other dishes to be polite/leave a smudge on my paper plate so others can see I've tried other foods. Be sure to take a bite size helping of the food brought by the person who confronted you. Honestly, you don't actually have to eat it. You just need to have it on your plate. And, then you just have to be honest after that, if people are still commenting on your food intake. "thank you for your concern and I would hate to offend anyone. However, I'm not being picky, I'm taking control of my life and that means I eat foods that serve my body the best."
    1952 days ago
  • LYNNA7499
    Good luck - this is a very tough situation you are in. I suggest having nuts or granola bars in your desk for unexpected meetings. That way when you get called in last minute, you have have something to munch on during the long meeting. Your idea of bringing a healthy dish for the pot luck is a good idea too. Good luck with companies bringing you lunch. I don't see anything wrong asking if people can bring salad or a healthier option. But you do run the risk of being called a picky eater.

    Hopefully you are able to get to a point where you can sample what you want and save the majority of your calories for the lunch you brought. Good luck!
    1952 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    I think your idea of bringing something healthy to share with everyone is your best bet . You will be a part of the group and others might catch on and change some of their food choices.
    1952 days ago
    Oh man...how hard is it to pass up a free meal? Especially if it isnt totally crappy food? You are going to have to answer that for yourself. Maybe it is worth it to put on a few extra pounds... permanently...for the sake of conforming to the group or having the pleasure of trying all that fabulous food. If you can't say know for social reasons you may have the wrong job.
    1952 days ago
    I had that problem at my old job. I ended up becoming very adept at takign small portions and just tasting a littl ebit, I often found that I could sampe and not eat and not stick out too much.
    1952 days ago
    I feel for you, when I worked at a doctor's office it was the same way..... They use to call me crazy if I just sat and ate my apple and yogurt hahaha I'd only give in when they had a nice salad or the chicken marsala with spinich...
    Stay strong!!!!! bring snacks and stick to your guns!!!! GOOD LUCK! emoticon
    1952 days ago
    I wish I could give you something. I am right now dealing with my son-in-law who does the cooking at his house. He has served meatloaf draped with bacon, fatty ribeye steak, and deep-fried chicken. When I demure and only take a little, as in one proper sized serving he calls me a fart-sniffer.

    If you don't understand, it's from the South Park episode where Stanley buys a Prius, or Pious as they call it, moves to San Francisco, where everyone owns a Pious, and everyone becomes so smug with their own goodness that they love the smell of their own farts. Because of that, they release so much gas that smug, not smog, alerts are released.

    So you see, by trying to right by your own self, you can become considered so smug .. well you get the idea.
    1952 days ago
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