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Day 276 End challenge reflections...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hi all,

Well I have, no doubt, learned a great deal about the value of routine. I knew it in theory but as I really concentrated on honouring a daily routine I became more and more dependent on it for my sanity, and for consistency. And sleep. Maybe I am more OCD than I thought, lol!

But I broke the back of this huge issue (daily structure) that I had allowed as a procrastinating tool, and an 'I'm too tired' narrative that I played daily.
I broke the back of 'when things are right (house clean, sleep better, food better, bills paid, study done) I shall be able to do this' narrative that I played daily.
And I broke the back of the 'I'm too much a failure and too fat to swim (be seen in my swimming gear), run (be seen bouncing/waddling), do yoga (reaching over my big belly)' narrative, and did them all anyway, NO MATTER WHAT THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS I WAS EXPERIENCING. Step by little step.

Here are the goals I stated at the start of the challenge (first week of September), and my 'results':

Short Term Goals
1. Quit Smoking
not quite yet but have cut down considerably

2. Drop 10kgs (22lb) on this challenge
Lost just over 16 lbs. I'll take it - considering how much strength work I did and the muscle toning that's been happening - I'm very happy with that.

3. Do EVERYTHING my Lemon Leaders tell me to do.
TICK and so glad I did! I might think I know everything, but that doesn't mean I do everything I know I 'should'. Lemon Leaders helped me to focus on my priorities, and encouraged me when routine was slipping.

4. Walk Crusoe to or from School minimum 7 x per week
Nope - this hasn't happened. Sigh. I think because I joined the gym I thought it would be too much - but that's just an excuse (#2984)

5. Improve my sleep to "8 hours per night"
My sleep has definitely improved in QUALITY but I am still short an average of 2 hours per night.

6. Drop 2 dress sizes
I don't have a dress - I should have said pants. I've definitely gone down a pants size.
I also am still carrying a bit of extra fluid weight, AND during this challenge discovered I am pretty much wheat intolerant. When that's under control I reckon another pants size will quickly drop!

7. Minimum 3 hours study minimum 5 days per week
Still working on this. Study is both my passion and my nemesis. Ergo, I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy.

Long Term Goals
1. Drop 54 kg (120lb) by Christmas 2013
getting there!

2. Finish my course (August 2013)
See above - might have to get an extension!

3. Be able to RUN alongside Crusoe on his bike or scooter, to and from school, minimum 7x per week
I am planning to do this on the last week of school (the week after his birthday and before Christmas. By planning I don't just mean hoping. I am actually putting in time to 'train'. I want to surprise him. I have just 5 weeks.

Lower Blood Pressure

By the way, my choices of food were my weak point over this challenge. For the winter challenge I shall be concentrating on this. Stay tuned for lots of baggage to arrive as this is where I challenge my own eating disorder behaviours!

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