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Day 27 - 14th November 2012 - The Happy Song

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Notes

Ok so time has come now to post this up, i just wrote 2 short blogs, one of my spark goodie dilemma lol, and about spark guy stopping by my page with a note.

I had another nice chat with my brother Adrian via a chat system. It is nice talking to him, i really look up to him, he is the best brother any little sister could have. I wouldn't want anyone else but him. Lol. We have always been pretty close so it is nice, i don't remember many arguments between us except who got to sit in the front of the car when we were young and didn't need booster seats lol. Besides that i believe we have been best of friends.

Today with work, i had to help the doctors today with a breach birthing, poor women, i can't imagine the pain she went through, knowing the pain medication here would not be as good as what i have back home. Well this baby will be born with AIDS, cute little fella, She named him Mikel. I guess its a different spelling to Michael. But he is a cutie, he looks so perfect on the outside but he has to live with something in the inside for the rest of his life, we did give him a few baby shots, and a rubella shot for the mother and they will stay here for a few days.

Another lovely walk with Anja and the children, today was slower because we had one child in a wheel chair with a broken leg, but he wanted some fresh air, and i don't blame him, it was a lovely day.

So today i can say i am really tired but it has been a fantastic day, What a wonderful Wednesday it surely has been, seeing a baby come into this world and i guess a message from sparkguy just topped it up how i feel today.

Today i am grateful for life and of sparkpeople existing.

November Goals

I watched another movie today , Lol a Jackie Chan movie , it was called The Forbidden Kingdom, fun movie that was. So i over did my movie goal this week, but i am ok with it, i really enjoy movies, there are very very very few movies that i will not sit and watch through it. But for most of it i enjoy. Today i got in my 5k, i did this more of a leisure walk, Since this time we had one in a wheel chair we didn't go as fast so i got a hour of walking today. And don't forget my challenge wallies 7 minutes for 20 of them.

Sparkpeople Plan

Still working with this site, its great how everything fused together and it makes this site so easy to understand and get your way around it, i love it. I tracked my nutrition and fitness and read a motivational quote aswell.


Motivational Song

The Happy Song by Delirious

I couldn't find a video music of it, so a concert with happy people dancing is good enough lol. So lets dance and sing and be happy!

Motivational Quote

“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” ~Napolean Bonaparte

Awesome quote, a good one to end my day blog today, it has just been such a great day. Sometimes we have to suck in our gut and go for something we really want, it may be scary at first but you be so rewarded at the end, if we go through life with fears and such, do you think you be happy? do you think you have lived a life of fulfillment? I don't think so on my behalf, we need to plan and take action steps to get to our goal destination. We can do it!
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