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Update and Rest of the Week Goals

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I haven't really been online that much. Over the weekend my daughter felt really warm. When I took her temperature it said 103.6 so I ran her to the hospital. They said it could be viral, pneumonia, or a urinary tract infection. We did an x-ray, which ruled out pneumonia. In order to test for a UTI they would have had to do a catheter, which would hurt. The doctor there and I decided to hold off until we saw how she did for a few days. Finally today she does not have a fever :) Yay! And she seems to be back to herself, but it made for a hectic weekend and half of week with little sleep and having to calm her down every few hours.

We went to DHHS and they would not cover me under medical because my fiance and I have children together so he would normally have to cover me, but we don't make enough so it didn't make sense. I found this place that is sliding fee on visits as well as medication so I have put in a new patient application there. Unfortunately it takes 6 weeks to go into effect so I need to pay for my medication out of pocket till then (2 times of $75) which is going to be rough. However, this place goes through the hospital and it said they have a special section for mental health (for my depression) and also for chronic illnesses (my IBS). I'll let everyone know how it goes. As far as getting fuel assistance, I have been calling daily to make an appointment and have only gotten their answering machine so I might have to just go there to make an appointment.

My weight is still the same, which is amazing because in all honesty I have been eating a lot of fast food and chinese food. So glad that it is the same. Just imagine if I didn't eat that crap, then I would have probably lost weight lol. This week is still pretty hectic as my mom is coming to visit on Saturday so I want to get the place super clean and finish unpacking (blah!).

So my goals for this week are to work on more water, walk every day to pick my son up from school since the weather should be okay, and to clean clean clean. I would love to get into the 125s this week for weight if I can or at least stay the same weight I am.

Hope everyone had and is having a great week! Thanks for all the comments on everything and all the spark goodies. You all are great and have kept me sane lol. *hugs*
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