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Bestest Hubby and a Salvaged Evening.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I’m so proud of my hubby! I have the bestest hubby in the whole wide world! I love my hubby!!

So what is this all about this am? Besides the fact that I am happily married to my true soul mate, hubby made me put ME first yesterday and it worked out great. Let me rewind.

I got an email from my son’s teacher about 15 minutes before I left work that today was Senior Picture day! This means my son needed a haircut and a new shirt (he is still growing like a fertilized weed!). We were also scheduled to have group at 7 (we have an alternative spiritual group that meets at our house several times a month). So as I tried to work the schedule out in my head on the way home my choices were skip dinner or skip my run. I decided to give up on the run; I would have the boy child walk both dogs while we entertained.

So I got home and let hubby know what was up and my decision. He said he was having nothing of the sort. I was to get dressed and run. He would make me dinner (grilled cheese and tomato soup) so I could eat when I got back. Then I could take the boy child to get his stuff. Hubby would take care of the guests. I balked at this. I felt like I would be letting the group down if I didn’t attend.

He wouldn’t take no for an answer and got Tazzy riled up with the leash and going “walkies”. I gave in. I really did want to run. So Tazzy and I set off. We had a great 3 miles in 32 minutes. I got home sweaty but energized.

Hubby had dinner ready and we all ate together. Then boy child and I left. We got him a nice black on black pin striped shirt and purple tie (his pick). Then we went for haircuts. His turned out great, mine we don’t discuss. I got home at 8.

Figuring I would be interrupting group, we tried to enter quietly. To my surprise, there was only one person there (we had had 7 RSVP). He and hubby were just chatting away. Hubby told me that some of the members had called saying that they would be really late, like over 30 minutes because they had stuff to do. He told them no, he wasn’t waiting. Group is scheduled and needs to be over for me to go to bed and he wasn’t starting late. Group was 7 to 8:30 and that was that.

I was in shock as my hubby never stands up to anyone. He said if I was going to miss and be upset because there were things I HAD to do, then he didn’t care if others missed also. He also thought that after my stressful day, I need the evening to relax!

So, as I said in the beginning – I have the bestest hubby in the whole wide world!!!
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