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Day 26 - 13th November 2012 - Candy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daily Notes

Well the paint balling has an actual date now, later than what he was telling me, so February 1st it is then, have a few more weeks to loose the weight then. So 100 Kg / 200 lbs i wish to be. Now i have 12 weeks to try and loose this weight of 14.8 Kg / 32.6 lbs . So now it is 1.2 kg / 2.7 lbs a week. Maybe i can get away with it , if they have sizes for bigger people, its one where you wear work overalls type clothings one a painter would wear. We shall see but i will try my best to loose a dress size. Wish me luck lol.

Today i did some Zumba, i had been lacking on it, so i tried finding videos i could do, i got a total of 5 songs, so about 23 minutes of that. Which is good, and i also got a 10 minute Victoria Secret's workout. That felt good lol. One day i could feel like a supermodel, i don't have to be one but it be nice to wear a "skinny" dress you know what i mean?

I am grateful for the wonderful brother i have. And Happy Diwali for those who celebrate it.

November Goals

I got in a movie today, i watched Cirque du freak: The Vampire Assistant. Quite an odd movie, i don't know if it was horror or thriller or mix of the two with a splash of comedy. Well i did get my 40 minutes of exercise today and my 20 minutes of cardio, today i got a total of 60 fitness minutes which was great.

Sparkpeople plan

Fast break diet goals are going awesome, and so is this week's strategy, i am learning alot of this site and how it works, it is great.

Motivational Song

Candy by Robbie Williams

It is a song i could relate too sometimes i feel like that candy, i am nor one way or the other, sometimes i am torned by myself, and it is hard to show how i feel, not sure how to explain it or describe it , to me it doesn't make sense to me either but this song helps to put those descriptions in for me.

Motivational Quote

“Perfectionism doesn’t make you feel perfect. It makes you feel inadequate.” ~Maria Shriver

This is a quote for those that try to hard to be something they are not, i sometimes feel that in certain areas in my life. It surely does make you feel inadequate when you really think about it.
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