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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hey, loyal SparkFriends!

Thank you so very much for checking in with me and leaving me such kind and wonderful messages. I apologize for dropping off the face of the SparkPlanet. Yes, I've been out of town with work and things have been busy. In addition, I'm dealing with some pretty big changes in my life that have left me on a rather difficult emotional roller coaster over the past couple of weeks.

I can't go into detail right now (but I will be able to eventually...patience). I will just say this: I'm on track with training. Took a 2-mile bike ride with my 7 year-old on Sunday because it was 70 degrees in Indiana in November...WHAT?! She actually taught herself to ride a 2-wheeler JUST so she could ride bikes with Mama on the trail. Such a precious little girl!

Yesterday, I had my first swim in quite some time (since just after the half marathon). It was EXACTLY what I needed!!! It just felt so wonderful and natural and I could have stayed in that lane all day...but, alas, had to head to work at some point. I feel like swimming brings me to a place of tranquility...even moreso than running. I posted a FB status yesterday that said, "Something about putting on the suit and getting in the water causes all the fear, shame and despair to just fall away, even if only for half an hour. *SIGH* This is my therapy."

That was actually a lie, though...cuz I am seeing a new therapist for a first visit this afternoon. Haha. Hey...we all need help. And, with what I'm dealing with now...I need some real emotional help...someone just for ME! There is no shame in that, friends. Best part is...I'm only $130 from my deductible, so after this first session, it's pretty much free. That was a sweet little gift from God. I had no clue I was that close on my deductible!

This morning, I had my very first 6:30am spinning class. It was wonderful. And...truthfully, another chance to zone out and just forget the world. So, you see...I'm using my training as an emotional and mental escape. It's time dedicated just for me...time where I can just stop worrying and crying for awhile. Time to build what is strong inside of me...physically, mentally, and emotionally. THIS is what fitness is about! Forget the stupid scale! It keeps me sane!!!!

My Prep Phase of my training year is in full swing and that means 5 hours training per week until December, when the hours increase a bit. I've rigged it so I'm getting some swimming, spinning, and weight training in. My body will be so thankful after a few weeks of this. I'm very thrilled about this.

Plus...the schedule and regularity of it all is going to help me through all that is going on in my life.

I'm so glad I started when I did...so that I'd be addicted to health at this point, when everything is hitting the fan. Why? Because, if I would have been a "newbie", all of this would have been one huge excuse for me to give up. But, instead...being somewhat "seasoned" with working out and making healthy choices, it is one of the key things that will pull me through.

I don't know about you guys...but I think that's pretty amazing.
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