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I Ran a Marathon

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I ran a marathon the weekend before last. I haven't posted about it because I have been BUSY fixing up my Dad's house and settling his estate, but also because I've been feeling very - 'flat'. I mean, you guys know me. Normally, I'd post something like WHOO HOOO!! I ran a marathon!!!!!!!!!!! But lately I've been feeling more like, whoo. I ran a marathon.

I had to move the date and place of my marathon so many times because of my upcoming move, then my father passing away and the indefinite delay of that move. But I had trained for over six months through a record breaking hot summer, and put in about five 20+ mile runs, so I still wanted to reach the goal I set earlier this year.

Because I've been ill and not able to eat much since my father died, I decided I wasn't running it for a time, so it was fairly uneventful. The marathon was small, which I prefer, and probably also better for my mental state lately - I couldn't handle a bunch of fanfare right now. It was on a flat course in Northern Ohio; great distance running weather - overcast and around 40 degrees.

The lack of eating affected my run. Even when I tried to eat a normal amount at the pasta party the night before the race, my stomach just said NO and I got sick later that night, depleting not only calories but hydration and electrolytes. The day of the race, I took in a GU carbohydrate pack every 45 minutes to try to help the situation. It was all my stomach would allow. So the last 5 miles were very tough for me due to the carb and electrolyte depletion.

I ran the whole thing with my dog, it was his first marathon. I guess it's not so common around here for dogs to run marathons, so he got a lot of attention during the race.

I drove up the night before the marathon, stayed in a hotel, then had to drive about four hours after the race to get home, which was hard but not as bad as I thought it would be, I think due to all the caffeine in my carb packs, LOL. No one in my family is very interested or supportive about my running for whatever reason, so they didn't come to watch my run, which hurt a little but wasn't unexpected, either. It was sort of an emotional run for me, too. It was within driving distance of my Dad's town, so I wished he could have been there to see me run it. I kept thinking that he was there watching me run it, that he was now healthy and following me along the course, no longer riddled with cancer and disabled.

I was sort of OK with being alone though. Since Dad died everyday my sister and I have been working on things related to his estate, fixing his house, etc etc. It's been exhausting, so it was also nice to focus on something outside of that, if even for just a day.

I only ran twice in the pool this past week after the marathon. By the third day after the marathon, I felt recovered, but I'm not sure how much I will run this week. First, it's not like I am just sitting around. I have been working on my Dad's house and for those that know my renovation work in the past, you know I WORK on houses. So I'm still active. Second, I've been so tired and drained from the whole situation. Third, I have been eating somewhat better but still probably not enough. Lastly, I'm also still sick going on FIVE weeks now, since the day after my father passed away. It's finally been slowly going away, in part I think because I've been trying to rest when I can, versus forcing myself to workout when I am tired.

So anyway, a subtle marathon this year, if you can call it that. It was my 10th or 11th marathon anyway, so I was OK with just being out there, and the fact I was even able to run a marathon with all else that has been going on was a small feat in itself. I'm sure next year, I will run a better one. A friend is trying to convince me to run Pike's Peak Marathon with her next year, but I'm so tired right now... we'll see...

Hope all is well with everyone-
-Tri Babe
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Keep on running. It is what is gonna get you through all of this. I'm so proud. You are amazing, strong and beautiful.
    1945 days ago
    Good job getting out there and finishing. I hope you feel better soon and that the work that needs done isn't too extensive. Keep taking care of yourself!
    1949 days ago
    well done! so proud of you. i'm glad you were able to stick with it - even though you're not having a emoticon moment... it is still a huge accomplishment and you deserve to be proud of yourself! i hope that looking back on this time you can be proud of how strong you've been through such change and adversity. emoticon
    1952 days ago
    I think that it is great that you managed to pull it off!

    I know you will get back into the swing of things.


    And also??

    1952 days ago
  • CHARITY1973
    I bet the physical therapy of running 26miles was just what the doctor ordered for the grieving process and a great gift to give yourself regardless of how you feel right now. Give yourself a pat on the back from me. I think you are AWESOME to run that marathon with all the sadness in your life. Don't worry, the feelings of woohoo will catch up with you at some point in the future. Emotions have their own space and time continuum...

    Well done for you taking care of you!
    1952 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    Well done, Sweetie.
    You've got so much to get through, and you're doing it step by step - and no doubt you are working through the grieving process at the same time. I'm sure your Dad was with you, or up above and behind your left shoulder, all the way along, as he is every day.
    Do take good care of yourself and get on with your return to strength and good health
    1952 days ago
    Way to go, gf. And yes, with all that has happened, just running it was an accomplishment for you---and got it off your mind. Hope the eating issue works its way out---you do need to eat. And I am sure your dad was watching over you.
    1952 days ago
    Congratulations! Sounds like this marathon was just what you needed, physically and mentally.

    1952 days ago
    (((((((HUGS)))))))))) Glad you persevered and patricipated in that marathon. good for you. I can promist you the grieving takes timeand you're wise to allow yourself to have whatever feelings you're having and embrace them. Prayers for you and take care of yourself as well as you can. Glad you're feeling better.
    1952 days ago
    I'm glad you're starting to feel healthier. Rest when you can, eat as well as you are able, and let yourself heal. I hope you keep on improving.
    1952 days ago
    Congratulations. Wow!
    1953 days ago
  • HEIDI-25
    Your health is the most important be it mental or physical. I hope you start feeling much better very soon. Props to you on doing the marathon :) Take care of yourself.
    1953 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Take care of yourself, sweetie. I'm really sorry your family wasn't there to support you. My husband is Gerry proud of my running, but he rarely actually is there at my HMs, with the exception of the first -- he hates crowds. It's disappointing, I know, but we don't do it for other people anyway.

    You WILL get your energy back; it will just take time.
    1953 days ago
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