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Intervals, Blood, and the Next 10K

Monday, November 12, 2012

Today is a bank holiday, but not a holiday at work. I took the day off anyway, so I could exercise in the morning before donating blood in the afternoon. I reasoned that if I got the run/walk intervals in early, I'd have enough time to hydrate before the blood donation appointment.

"Early" is a relative term. Between waiting for the alarm to wake up, and being leisurely about breakfast and computer use first thing, I didn't get out until 8 AM. I was listening to my body, but not sure I understood what it was saying. The bad foot was clearly ready for this. The sore thigh wasn't 100%, but might have been ready. Then there was the blood appointment. I ended up deciding to do the run/walk intervals, but not to try to run fast and to keep the intervals at 3/1.

The sky was overcast, the temperature was 60° F (16°C), and there was a light breeze from the south. The sore thigh reminded me in the first two running intervals that not rushing things was a good idea. Then it warmed to the task, and I had to make myself slow down when it came time for the walking intervals.

I noticed that it's hard to get Mr. Testosterone to shut up when I run the same route as last time. It becomes obvious when I'm not as far at X minutes as I was the last time I ran this route. Maybe this would be easier if I didn't have the intervals beeping in my ear; but I need that beep to keep from running longer than I should.

Got to the end, and it mapped out to 4.29 miles in 34:15, for an average pace of 7:59 per mile. That might be a second or two quicker, as I fumbled with stopping the app; but close enough. I had the iPhone out and was watching when I hit the end of the 8th cycle at 32 minutes; I was at 3.98 miles then. So for the average of full cycles, I was at an 8:02 pace. Close enough to the average 8 minutes that I had told myself was good enough, but really not that much slower than last time.

I noticed that RunKeeper generates a graph of elevation and pace. It's not very interesting when I run the mostly flat 5K, but it looks kind of cool with intervals and the three little hills thrown in:

I'll take tomorrow off from running because I won't run two consecutive days when my legs and feet aren't 100%. I'll take Wednesday off because of the work and evening commitment schedules. So the next possible intervals would be on Thursday, in three days. That three day rest factored into the decision to do intervals today instead of resting the leg. That, and the blood donation; I wanted to get my 10K steps in.

The blood donation was a little different. The nurse couldn't get a temperature. Then she had trouble reading my blood pressure. She did get a pulse, at 50; that seems normal enough for where I am as a runner. Then the iron count came in at 12.4, when they needed 12.5. At this point, I'm not terribly confident in this nurse's competence, so I took the offered retest of iron. Another nurse came in, and the iron from the other hand came in at 14.4, with room to spare. The temp came in at 97.6, right about where it usually does for me. I think the blood pressure reading was high for me, but it was within the Red Cross range so I didn't complain.

Got to the donation, and I had the original nurse back. She picked a vein that had given previous nurses trouble, and the flow was slow. The machine kept beeping. But the donation did complete, so that was good.

So what is my body saying? It's probably telling me that it isn't a good idea to run the same day that I'm going to donate blood. I don't think I'll make that mistake again. Over the next few days I'll find out whether I correctly interpreted what the sore thigh was saying. Ditto for the bad foot, but I'm more comfortable with understanding the foot.

It's 10 days to the 10K I've committed to. Assuming that I've understood what my body is saying, I think I'll notch up to 4/1 intervals on Thursday, do more of them on Saturday or Sunday, and then take Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off from running before the Thanksgiving Day 10K. If my legs and feet were perfectly healthy, I'd want to just run 5K or so on Tuesday; but things being as they are, I think resting the leg and foot is more important than getting a day of cardio work in.

After this, I'm waiting till I can run continually for half an hour, three days a week, before I sign up for another race. The competitive field just makes Mr. Testosterone too loud for comfort.
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  • RG_DFW
    Yes, stay safe and be careful
    1657 days ago
    Great pace for your walk/run workout. You must have been moving right along in the running intervals. Good luck on your Turkey Day 10K!
    1658 days ago
    Thanks for persisting with that blood donation: all those of us who have needed transfusions appreciate that. And best of luck with you imminent 10k planning for you and your daughter . . . gotta "run" in the family!
    1658 days ago
    Gotta love those techno-toys! Probably will be off line for a while starting tomorrow myself... if I don't manage to find access to post before then, best of luck with the 10K to you AND your daughter.

    As for the "down to one cat", that happened a couple of months ago. You probably didn't become aware of it because I didn't post about it.
    1658 days ago
    That elevation graphs looks nice!

    I'm glad intervals went so well.
    Stay safe during the 10K too!
    1658 days ago
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