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Some of the Things for which I am Thankful

Monday, November 12, 2012

1. God's love
2. God's forgiveness
3. God's provision
4. My family and my pets
5. That I got to see my son Richard before he flew to his next duty station
6. That my stomach tumor has not grown
7. Medical advances
8. Kind, caring people in the medical profession and the veterinary profession
9. Friends, both that I have met and that I know online
10. Pure clean water
11. "TV" dinners so I don't have to cook other than microwave and that list the nutrients including potassium
12. That I still have energy to cook some
13. Electricity!
14. Computers that help with communication and learning
15. For heating in the winter and cooling in the summer
16. For instant on cooking so we don't have to build a fire
17. For refrigeration of perishable foods
18. Lights for dark days
19. Photos to remind us of our loved ones
20. Books to entertain and teach us
21. Clothing for comfort and maybe fashion
22. That Social Security still works
23. That my ex is considerate of us
24. For Jason, my oldest who gave me hope and was a miracle from God after many miscarriages. He also keeps my brain active.
25. For Richard who is kind and gentle.
26. For Kristen who challenged me during her teen years, and has one to help me with appointments and encouraged me while the fishies nibbled my toes and I was very depressed.
27. For sweet Catherine who has taken me into her home, has been one who would talk to me at length, and from being a squeamish little girl has turned into a brave nurse.
28. For Jessica, who her entrance shortly before Thanksgiving, so the hospital provided Thanksgiving dinner for my whole family. She is working very hard to get a good house to be a home for her family.
29. For Bryan who has been honest when it was hard and has made loving difficult decisions to help his family.
30. That my mom and grandmother gave me great examples of Christian women who dealt with the difficulties of life in a loving, hardworking way.
31. For 18 year old CoffeeKitty who cuddles with me nightly and keeps my left side warm.
32. For Cloud (kitty) who cuddles with me during my nap.
33. For Shadow (kitty) who entertains me by trying to catch shadows.
34. For Stratus (kitty) who is a gentleman about the food even though he always wants more and can't have it.
35. For Cielito (Chihuahua dog), who is well trained to potty pads for when I go someplace and can't take him out. He also is very lively and enjoys going out to see what is happening in the world.
36. For little Patience (Yorkie), who filled the empty spot in my heart left by the death of Mercy. Since she is toothless and half-blind, I have to take good care of her, which satisfies that need of mine to be needed.
37. For my chore worker who keeps my living area clean and does chores that are hard for me to do nowadays.
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