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Monday, November 12, 2012

Today is day 257 of my "on track" streak!

NSV report! I am wearing a shirt today that I was not able to wear just a couple of weeks ago! Its a cool Ron Jon Surf Shop shirt that I got when I lived in Florida back in 2006. I was at my goal size back then, and I wore this shirt a lot. When I started gaining the weight back, I held onto all my "thin" clothes...and I'm so glad I did! Now that I'm back on track, I am slowly fitting into my old wardrobe. Its great to be wearing this shirt again! In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit...the shirt was a little loose on me back in 2006. It doesn't fit me loosely now, it fits me just right. But I can wear it again, so I'm very happy! (And besides, its going to be loose on me again soon!)

I actually have TWO non-scale victories to report today, but first I want to update you (if you're interested) on my progress with my goal for this month. Have you ever heard of
S. M. A. R. T. goals?

My SMART goal for this month is to be able to do 5 to 10 pushups with good form. To achieve this goal, I have been doing wall pushups every time I go into the kitchen, and doing upper body strength exercises 3 times a week.

I can do pushups, but they are a struggle for me, and my form is terrible. So I've really been working on it, and today I did a self checkup to see if I've improved. Well...not very much, lol. I was able to do two pushups with good form, but no more than that. Even with all the upper body strength workouts I've been doing, I still don't have the strength to do more than two pushups with good form. But I'm not discouraged, and I'm not giving up! Last week, I couldn't even do ONE pushup with proper form! So the fact that I could do TWO today shows that I am making progress, and I'm proud of myself!

My plan for the rest of the month is to just keep doing what I've been doing. And if I don't reach my goal by the end of the month, I'll just give myself a little more time, and hopefully I'll reach that goal by the end of December.

To help with my progress, I am going to amp it up a bit. I started the month by doing 5 wall pushups every time I went into the kitchen, and then slowly built up to 7. But now, instead of doing wall pushups, I'm going to do incline pushups against the kitchen counter, and I'm going to do 9. Hopefully next Monday I'll be able to do THREE real pushups with good form. Wish me luck!

Yesterday I went to the grocery store, and fell right into temptation. They had these cute little boxes of dark chocolate non-pariels for sale, and they looked so yummy. I gave in and bought a box. I figured that I could just treat myself to one a day, for about 30 calories. Well, I should have known better! For me, chocolates are like potato chips...no one can eat just one! (Remember that old commercial?)

So last night about an hour before bedtime, I had one little chocolate....and then I couldn't stop thinking about them! When hubby went outside to walk the dog, I went into the kitchen and sneaked a handful of chocolates into my bathrobe pocket! And I started nibbling! I was counting the calories in my head as I ate them....30....60...90...120...
.and then I stopped. I realized that I wasn't even enjoying the chocolates. I went into the kitchen and emptied my bathrobe pocket into the trash can before hubby came back in.

I hadn't gone over my calories for the day but I'd certainly pushed myself to the higher end. And for what? A few little chocolates that weren't even that good! I was really mad at myself. I told myself that in the morning, I would just throw the rest of the chocolates away.

When I woke up this morning, I thought of those chocolates, and I decided I'd just have "one more for the road" before I threw them away. But guess what? I didn't do it! I didn't have any chocolate this morning...I just threw the rest of the box away, and then I took the trash out. I was so proud of myself for doing that...getting rid of that temptation without one last taste! I am stronger than chocolate, I am stronger than temptation. I am stronger than I was when I started my streak in March!

I didn't feel guilty for throwing that food away, either. I hate to waste food, but I'd rather WASTE it than WAIST it. So that is my 2nd NSV for the day.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great NSVs!
    Be careful with the push-ups . Increase very gradually. I overdid with that goal and strained my rotator cuff. It took a long while to recover and I couldn't swim. The shoulder is a very complex joint.
    1891 days ago
    1891 days ago
    you are doing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1891 days ago
    emoticon GREAT job Pixie! Lots of reasons to be PROUD of yourself today. I'm so HAPPY for you. I'm especially happy about your getting back into the "thin" clothes. I'm looking forward to when I can fit back into something with one less X on the label. I've a looooong way to go but I have faith that I'll make it this time especially with the help of inspirational blogs like yours. Thank you! emoticon
    1891 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Pixie, I'm the same way with chocolate and just can't have any in the house! Even in the freezer, I've tried! Best to just not buy it.
    I'm like that with desserts too, I couldn't have one piece of cake, I'd need two and often more! That's why I went on a 'no desserts' streak and it has helped tremendously!

    Kudos on being able to get into that shirt, woohoo! You're doing EXCELLENT, girl!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1891 days ago
  • DEBPRE16
    I've had to learn to keep certain foods out of the house. I thought - oh wheat thins are kinda healthy - so I bought a box. Ate the whole box in 2 days. Now triscuits I can eat responsibly because they aren't as good to me. Great job on throwing out the chocolates.
    1891 days ago
  • MS0669
    You so inspire me !
    Some of the things you are writing about and dealing with I can so relate to.
    1891 days ago
    Pixie this is terrific. Congratulations on the shirt, throwing out the chocolates, and the great SMART goals!
    1891 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1891 days ago
    Great blog emoticon on throwing that junk food away
    1891 days ago
    Glad when you thru out that dark chocolate that you didn't have a strong throw to make it reach all the way to Arizona. LOL I am trying very hard not to buy any dark chocolate until I can just allow myself one or two. But doubt if that will happen anytime soon.
    1891 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/12/2012 1:48:31 PM
    Great Blog, emoticon emoticon
    1891 days ago
    emoticon Great job!
    1891 days ago
    Some great victories. I have done the same thing w chocolate. You are doing great. LoveNSV sometimes i love them more than the scale. Congrats girl
    1891 days ago
  • KLONG8
    GREAT blog. I'm so proud of you for tossing temptation right into the trash and out the door. It isn't easy to do. In fact, I crumbled just yesterday with chocolate chip cookies so I'm doubly impressed. Keep it up, keep working on the push ups, you are growing into your dream a little bit each day.

    Way to go!
    1891 days ago
    I love NSV's
    1891 days ago
    1891 days ago
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