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Day 18 Whole30 cold swimming

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The pool has really cooled off. 69 today. Outside temp 59, so it is headed down some more. We still have solar heat on, but not using the electric heat. Pool not covered, hubby complaining.
He said he wanted to sell the marvelous house he built me here and move back to MI. So, I have been doing MI training.
Door open, fan on at night with a sheet or less and swimming in the colder pool.
The notion of calories in and calories out is true of course, but did you notice that your body works to keep its internal temperature steady? Sweat when hot for evaporative cooling and shiver when cold for heat?
Well, you can play it to your advantage to cool the body when safe and possible. So I swim in a cool pool and my body uses calories to retain the core temperature.
I have been swimming each day as the pool cools, so it has been rather gradual.
I have also sat with an ice pack on the back of my neck and upper back where adults still have some brown fat. The brown fat works to make heat. I stimulate it to work.
It is all called cold thermogenesis. Look it up.
Read bunches.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    More power to ya! I don't like cold! I can't stand my pool below 78! It may work wonders on that fat, but I'll let you others take care of it and I'll just do my regular exercise thing! Have fun, but be careful. I read once that you can have a heart attack by jumping into water below 72 degrees! I suppose it is healthier by you gradually getting used to it. But, again, more power to ya!
    1928 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    Northern lakes seldom get warm and I have always enjoyed the cold swim of late spring through mid fall. Now being in Florida the ground temps warm the water and it stays around that 65-70 degrees. The showers are wonderful and very energizing. But there is something to be said for that warm tub of comfort too :-)

    Thanks for the great share!
    1928 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    Our pool is down to about 70 degrees and I cannot swim in it no matter how good it would be for me -- I salute your capacity for punishment! I'm waiting for a pool heater to be installed in the next few weeks so we can bring the pool back to 85.

    1928 days ago
    Fascinating about the thermogenesis. I will look it up and find out more.
    1929 days ago
    I love to swim! But, I am a real wuss in cold water! Such great information. Thanks!
    1929 days ago
  • DEBBY4576
    Haha. I remember it being 100o out and swimming in a 70 something pool, and getting out and feeling cold. It's relative I suppose. I read somewhere that the small blood vessels that warm the skin sink further into the body when it's extremely warm weather for long periods of time. That the reason we aren't acclimated to colder area for a year is because these blood vessels take a while to return to the skin to warm it. Don't know if true, but certainly interesting.
    1929 days ago
    I read about the ice method in The Four Hour Body - and then watched the author climb into an ice water bath on Dr. Oz. Brrrr! emoticon
    1929 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    I need to do the neck thing, at least. No access to a cool pool. I don't seem to like being either very hot or very cold...
    1929 days ago
    It does take some getting use to, but it does work and has it's benefits. It also helps us to build our BAT which they think we lose from when we are kids, about the age of 8 or 9 I think. That's why kids can tolerate colder water than we can :)

    Anyways, kudos to you! The shivering is a great workout!!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
    Melinda (gopintos)
    Perfect Health Diet Team
    Country Living Team
    Dr Oz Show Fans Team
    Wheat Belly Team
    1929 days ago
  • RG_DFW
    Good luck... I used to swim outside in December but I think I'm over that... unless it really works for you!
    1929 days ago
    I envy your access to a pool.
    1929 days ago
    I put a sweater on after reading this blog.(smiling) Sorry, no can do.
    1929 days ago
    Yes, I remember my anatomy/physiology professor telling us that the most reliable way to ramp up your metabolism was to sleep with the windows open so you could be colder at night!
    1929 days ago
  • 67YKCEB
    There's no way I could swim in a cold pool. .... no matter how many calories it burns. ...... I guess I'm just to cold natured.

    1929 days ago
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