I stumped the dietitian!

Friday, November 09, 2012

In my new quest to make my health a priority, I asked my doctor for a referral to a nutritionist recently. Today was my first appointment.

The woman was really nice and she listened to everything I had to say. I made sure to be really honest with her about everything I eat now and what I ate in the past. She made a ton of notes about my exercise and sleep habits, as well as my stress level and even how much I drink (alcohol). I felt like she was really trying to get a whole picture of who I am and what I’m doing.

She then pulled out a booklet and started to explain complex carbs. I had to stop her because, sorry, but I know all of this already! I really tried not to be a pain about it, but I told her honestly that I read A LOT about healthful eating and I told her what I do on SparkPeople and my own research on PCOS and Type II diabetes. I needed the advanced version, not the starter kit! Luckily, she was OK with this.

At the end of the appointment, she said, “Everything I would normally tell a patient to do to lose weight and get healthy, you already do every day. I have no idea what to tell you!”

OK, this caused two reactions for me: One, “ha! I knew I was doing things right! I knew it!” And two, “What the hell?! Is my case really that hopeless?!” (And then I told the second part of me to shut it.)

She recommended that I cut my calories to 1300/day, which is lower than the 1600ish calories that SparkPeople recommends and that I’ve been eating for a few months. She also suggested I go wheat-free to see if that has any effect. She wasn’t sure if it would do anything at all, but she was out of ideas! She said, “You eat so clean, I don’t know where you’ll get those 300 calories from and you don’t eat a lot of carbs, so the wheat thing might not even matter.” Great!

I’ve cut way back on carbs in the past few months. I was never a big bread person, but I ate pasta and lots of sugary things. But I’ve tried really hard to cut back on the sugar and limiting the startchy stuff wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I just eat more veggies to get the bulk I like. So, this means substituting quinoa for couscous at lunch and avoiding whole wheat naan once in a while.

I honestly don’t think the wheat thing will have a big impact on anything, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I’ve really got nothing to lose at this point. I’m kind of just glad that someone finally listened to me! Cutting my calories to 1300 will be a challenge. It will mean more careful planning and cooking at home, which are good things.

I’ve got a couple of weeks to try these two things before I see her again. We’ll see how it goes!
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    If you are exercising 1300 calories seems too low. I would definitely try a few things, change things up. I like what someone else said about getting a second opinion. Maybe the next dietitian won't be stumped and have more experience with your particular type of situation. Hope someone helps you figure this out.

    1924 days ago
  • ABB698
    So good to see you today! Hope you're feeling well, Iron Girl!! emoticon
    1925 days ago
    1925 days ago
  • DRPOOH63
    Trying new things can't hurt. Best of luck!
    1926 days ago
    Was she by chance a dietitian that specialized in either PCOS or diabetes? Sometimes its more helpful to go to one that does the majority of her work with patients that all have the same thing in common. It does seem odd to me that she suggested eliminating something like that unless she suspected there was something else going on. Either way, it couldn't hurt to try it and see if it helps. Maybe she suspects you have a gluten intolerance of some sort. Keep us updated.
    1926 days ago
    It can be good to try new things when you aren't sure what to do. I switched to sprouted wheat bread (Ezekiel) and tried gluten free to break a plateau. I also stopped drinking milk and switched to soy and almond milk...the experiment worked and I broke my plateau. Since you already eat really well, it is good to experiment and see if it makes a change.

    We are all an experiment of one so see if this helps! emoticon
    1926 days ago
    Good luck with your new plan. I agree there is so much to learn with Sparkpeople!
    1927 days ago
    Don't be afraid to ask for another opinion - I don't like the idea of a dietician who was too stumped to suggest anything other than an arbitrary food subtraction.
    1927 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1927 days ago
    I've often thought that being a dietician would be a cool job.
    1927 days ago
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