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Get up, Stand up, and Lose 'em (Week 2)

Friday, November 09, 2012

So I am writing my blog a little late, perhaps VERY late in the week, but I'm happy to report I am doing a little better this week. I started off a little rough, but it's ending on a very high note. I really feel like this little bit of a gain that has been haunting me for over a month is going to go away SOON.

Being away from my children for 10 hours a day and the mental energy I am exhausting at work were my biggest obstacles this week. Every minute they are awake is valuable to me in the evenings, and during the day I have to work hard to make time for myself. I still got a total of 131 fitness minutes and 80 reps from Sunday through Friday though!
I don't know when my life will get to the point when I can get that amount accomplished in ONE day, but until that happens I appreciate every minute of time I can carve out for myself.

Here is my plan to cover the next several days:

We are having friends over and it will be a typical busy Saturday around the house and doing errands. So I will do the strength training in a team mini challenge I joined today, and also take a short walk with my sons to meet my weekly goal for 10 minutes/day.

Nutrition goal--Eat a healthy breakfast and Stay in calorie range!

emoticon We cleaned the whole house and did our errands...but the walk, the strength training did not happen and the food choices were not up to par. I did the best I could with breakfast...

RUNNING. That's right. HITTING THE TRACK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 2 MONTHS. emoticon emoticon emoticon
Because I also walked for about an hour in addition to running a mile. I walked to the track, ran it in about 13:50, walked home, and decided to take the baby for a stroller ride.

Goal: Focus on having a good "points day" on a daily challenge I do with a friend. emoticon

Have a great weigh in.
emoticon I was up...AGAIN?????!!!! I think it was the weekend catching up with me though....Saturday especially. I am optimistic about the next one since my willpower was better yesterday and today.

Also focusing on my team challenge goals:
30 Cardio Minutes emoticon
Had to work hard for it...did a late night workout with Spark videos after the kids went to bed. Not my choice, but there was no other choice.

Stay with in carb range and eat my freggies/heart healthy fats emoticon
Had the best breakfast of my life...wish I had a picture! Egg white omelette, turkey sausage, raspberries and half a croissant (I threw out the other half for PORTION CONTROL.

100 reps of Strength exercises emoticon
and a yoga workout video in the evening emoticon Forgot...I will plan do this on Friday night.

No soda/No chocolate for team challenge (This is a good one...first day back at work for the week is almost always the time I reach for the sugar). emoticon

Health reminders--schedule appointments!
emoticon One is scheduled, the other still needs to be.

Walk on break at work emoticon
Eat right so I can have a good weigh in the next day! emoticon Tracked food and got lots of freggies even though I didn't meet my goals perfectly.

Take a packed lunch to work emoticon Ended up having to do field work, but found an inexpensive lunch and made a healthy choice. emoticon

More Reps--and try a new workout video in the evening emoticon Ended up logging fitness minutes for some rugged field work, but I forgot I had plans to see a movie with a friend so I wasn't home. Will emoticon because my goal is to establish an indoor fitness routine this month.
Take a packed lunch to work emoticon

Walk on break at work emoticon
Treat myself to a healthy lunch out, and have a plan in place for dinner. emoticon Forgot about my son's Thanksgiving feast at his preschool when I was writing this blog.

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