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How Do I Plan to Shake things up? Hmm?

Friday, November 09, 2012

Well on Spark Coach, they wanted me to do this blog on shaking things up. Get ready for the "shake down"!!

To shake up my workouts, I would have to be REALLY INSANE!! I currently use the DVD set called RevAbs. You can see snippets on YouTube. OMG, Brett Hobel is merciless yet so informative. I realized that I was in plateau mode w/the Turbo Jam workout, even though I did add heavier weights. I was still doing the same movements and my body was not responding the way I wanted it to. I have been doing this routine (RevAbs) now for 2 weeks and I follow it pretty much the way the calendar suggests, except for Friday. On Friday I am in Turbo Jam mode and need to Punch, Kick and Jam.
There are 4 workouts that I do and they all have 3 rounds and the final round is called the spice round(cringe):
Total Strength about 50 min and that includes Rear Lunges w/weights, Squats w/weights, Deadlifts w/weights, Booty Bridge w/weights, Push ups no weights! Let me explain the "Booty Bridge".

You are in the standard Bridge position and with your arms extended straight up with weights and then staying in the bridge position you lower your arms, without bending them, straight back(exhale-fire your abs) then back up(inhale) 15 times. Now the spice round on this one is w/the leg extension as your arms go back the leg comes down and then as your arms come back to straight above your opposite leg goes up! ( I am not there yet) Oh the booty burn!! To stay in this position for 15 SLOW reps is killer!!

Mercy Abs (JOKE-there is no mercy) about 15 min that include crunches, a(ben-sow-this is how it is pronounced a Brazilian word, not sure how to spell it since I am work and the paperwork is at home) crunch w/a straight kick alternating legs. This one burns the lower abs to the point of kill me now mode!!! Plank on the forearms 60 secs and side planks on the forearm fist closed and alternate arm straight up, hips up and belt buckle forward, 30 sec each. I am able to do them now without crying as much(yeah, I am a whining cry baby!) there is also a the Cobra emoticon which is a stretch and an exercise. As an exercise you are doing half the superman and holding your arms out AND up w/the thumbs up, (think the "Fonz) scrunching the shoulder blades and holding that for 60 sec. (easier is arms going down to the sides (not touching the floor) or harder (spice round) arms formed in a V and that really works the butt and hamstrings and core. And the second set he does v-ups (I am surprised you haven’t heard me crying emoticon cause I am!) and then by the spice round they are even harder since you are almost leaning all the way back w/the arms all the way out w/just your finger tips touching the floor. I have to say that I prefer push ups to that any day!!! I think that is it but this is just phase one, in phase two it is called "MERCILESS Abs" If I don't show up on SparkPeople any more it is because the merciless abs killed me, emoticon I'm just sayin'.

There is also a power interval that is really about getting your heart rate up and that is about 35 min. Crossover Jacks, Striders, 20 sec stretch, striders, squat thrusts( I am still having problems w/that one. I have substituted since I can't seem to get down and then immediately get back up, it just ain't happenin'!! However Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Then the last of the phase one is Fire up your Abs TOTAL AB ROUTINE and that is 40 min about. Oh wait, Cobra is in this one as the exercise and the other as just a stretch. I may have confused all the exercises w/the 2 routines but you get my drift. This stuff is really hard to do and yet it feels great when you finish. When you finish you say the Rev Anthem after a round of intense cardio you should be extremely breathless making the saying of that rather difficult.

Rev it high, Rev it low, I am strong, committed and ready to Go!!

All during the workouts he is always saying "Pay some dues and dues!" Dues my friend is sweat and exertion!!! I have paid a ton of dues thank you very much!!!

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