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Friday, November 09, 2012

I was happen getting on the scale today as I knew I had another really good eating day yesterday. Yes, the scale rewarded me with another water weight loss of one pound. That now puts me at 109 which is one under goal. That always makes me feel better knowing that I am preparing a head of time for the next social splurge. Yes, that is one thing I know for sure now is that the only time now that I eat off plan is when I am doing something social. As you all know that follow me, that is my way of maintaining....get under goal so when I do splurge I have a little room. Today I am going to a Flower show cocktail party and tomorrow my DH wants to go to one of our favorite places with neighbors and friends. I don't really want to eat off plan both days so today I am going to eat my regular "good" lunch prior to going to the Flower Show so that I won't be hungry. I will also prepare my hot oat cereal with banana, strawberry, cinnamon, vanilla, almond milk a head of time and have it all ready to warm for my dinner. Hopefully that will be enough to let me go to the social Flower Show and not eat or drink, just enjoy the arrangements. Then hopefully I will be saving the "cushion pound" for eating out tomorrow with friends where I will have my two beers and Mexican grill platter. I realize that this is the life of one on maintenance. One has to plan ahead and just not throw caution to the wind. It was so much easier when I didn't have to worry about going out socially so much while DH was gone for the 10 weeks. I got to eat home more. I must say that as I maintain, I would much rather prefer to stay home, eat on plan and not have temptations. But as I have said before, life happens and there will always be social things to deal with. So for now that is my plan. We will see if I can be strong enough to implement this plan.
It's yet another perfect weather day here. Beautiful blue skies and warm. Love the weather here.
I hope all my sparks buddies have a great day.
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