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Week 10 ITC for the Fall Biggest Loser Challenge

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Week 10 ITC for the Fall Biggest Loser Challenge

ITC Challenge for Week 10 - To Earn 10 ITC Points:

"Reflect on the past 10 weeks. Did you reach a goal or conquer a fear.
Read your blog or journal from Week 1.
Did you learn about a fear that might be hold you back from reaching your goals?"

"Healthy Change Bonus..ACCOMPLISHMENT
If you realized a stumbling block in your Healthy Eating and Lifestyle journey and are working on have earned 10 Bonus points for Week 10....
Yes this is a 20 point total ITC...we go out of Summer Challenge with a"

Week 10 ITC:

The 5 "Stumbling Blocks" I had listed in Week 1's ITC Challenge at the beginning of the Fall Challenge
- How they continue to hold me back
- How I am able to overcome those obstacles.

1) PAIN!
- I am STILL struggling with that VERY LONG LIST of things that ail me.
- Being in constant pain before, during and after exercise STILL puts a damper on things
- I forced myself to "Just Do It", and earned those ITC and Yellow Team Challenge Points.
- I have broken down and taken Ibuprofen for pain when I can't stand the pain.
- I have learned to get in the Hot Tub and exercise; it's so relaxing, and loosens up those achy muscles!
- I'm learning that when I'm in bad pain, I need to either take a nap, or go soak in the hot tub
- I spend a lot of time praying, asking God to either deliver me from this pain, or help to to not BE A BEAR!

- Days getting shorter with less available daylight doesn’t make my juggling act any easier.
- My husband has had my family going to bed earlier, and getting UP earlier, which is improving our use of day light.
- I am still in the process of moving, and will hopefully have all our STUFF out of storage by the end of this month!
- I need to come up with a "Place for everything and everything IN its place"
- Being organized helps with time management - I don't have to waste time looking for things!
- I still don't know how to juggle!

- Life is still FULL of distractions = "Such is life!
- I am learning to "Just Say, NO" to things that don't bring me JOY or profit my family
- I have an on-going "To Do List" that is for my family to accomplish
- I have daily "To Do Lists" that help with DAILY priorities
= Prioritizing chores, Homeschooling, unpacking, organizing, meals, exercising
= all that my family and I have going
= Prioritize my "To Do List" in order to accomplish the important things, and not neglect things, or "Drop the Ball"
- I have learned to "Pencil in" appointments on my calendar to spend time with friends, or important dates or things that need my attention. This helps me not "Drop the Ball", or get overwhelmed with thinking I missed something.
I love my "MOM'S FAMILY CALENDAR" emoticon

- I still struggle with self-control – which is part of the "Sin Nature"
- This Fall I did a 40 day Juice Fast, which required a GREAT DEAL of self-control
- I have used a great deal of Self-Control in my spending, resisting online coupons and "SALES" on a regular basis, and walking away from items in stores, rather than buying them,
- I am striving to "take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ", and stop the "Stinking' thinking' " that leads to sin and depression
- I am striving to focus on God's Will for my life, and not be so concerned about the approval of man...
- Celebrate Recovery, aka "CR", has helped me to come out of DENIAL!
- I understand that I am powerless to overcome any of my struggles on my own.
- I am totally in need of God's help to do anything that matters in life. i.e.: Use "Self-Control in my eating, spending, actions, thoughts, words ...

- I am learning to avoid food or beverages that I struggle to resist.
= If they aren't in front of me, then they aren't tempting to me. {grin}

The reality is, I will always have to avoid:
-- bars
-- All-You-Can-Eat places
-- People who are bad influences on me
-- People who still have the same "habits" I'm trying to avoid
-- Grocery shopping when I'm HUNGRY
-- Shopping online when I'm depressed (RETAIL THERAPY)
= It's so much easer to RESIST TEMPTATIONS when they are not in IN MY FACE....

During the Fall Challenge I have posted several Blogs, and have been Journaling my thoughts and feelings.

I am fixing to write my "Moral Inventory" for CR, which includes lots of journaling of past and present hurts = listing people and institutions that have caused pain in my life; as well as things I have said or done to others which were WRONG; as well as good things said and done, by and to me.

The Moral Inventory has to have "Balance"
Life is all about BALANCE
- Balanced Diet
- Balanced Time/ Schedule with work, play and exercise
- Balanced Budget
- Balanced Relationships - not "one sided"

Something they encourage us to do in CR is to Journal our thoughts and feelings.
If we take the time to write it down, and look at and pray about the struggle, instead of just "REACTING" to stressors by over-eating, or spending, or getting drunk, or stoned, or blowing up on someone...

The end result will be:
- Weight LOST. vs Weight GAINED-
- Money not spent/ owed on a credit card
- Happier me
- Happier husband
- Happier children
- Happier whosoever is in my life that didn't have me VENT on them

I know Journaling is a good thing, for many reasons.
I have Journaled in the past, but I need to be more faithful at it.

Look for more blogs....

ITC Challenge Week 10 for the Fall BL Challenge complete.
20 Points!
"THAT WAS EASY!" emoticon
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