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Thursday, November 08, 2012


I posted this on my Facebook account last night and so many people had a good chuckle that I thought I would share it with all of you. I know _Linda will as she is such an animal lover but no longer has a special dog in her life due to circumstances beyond her control. Bendix was her mom's dog but Linda and her mom had many adventures with him and for that reason this blog is really for her in his memory!

So, do your dogs every get YOU in trouble? Mine seem to all the time and I secretly get a real kick out of it. Like the time Louisa jumped out of our open truck window to "find out where John went" when he went to pick up a few odds and ends at the grocery store. I was sitting in the truck with her so I thought it was safe to have the window down until I saw her jump and as luck should have it John was just coming out of the grocery store and had to tackle her to the ground (sending our groceries flying) to keep her from running wild through the aisles! I kind of wish she had gotten in (the doors to the store are automatic) because it would have been interesting to see what she would have done. I can imagine her thinking ....blah....vegetables...where
's the meat?

Or the time we took our beloved Peaches to a big box pet store about six hours away from here and she walked in, walked right up to the piled up display of dog beds and proceeded to crawl up....knocking a stack of about twenty dog beds to the floor! We were mortified...she just shook herself off and gave us the look of "what did you do that for" and proceeded to pee on the floor...not once but twice!

Or the time Maddy was visiting my mom in the senior's home and I left him there so I could walk down the hall to visit my grandmother. Apparently all was going well until a staff member opened Mom's bedroom door and Maddy took off running up and down the halls. The story goes how his leash nearly took several seniors off their feet and I'm sure some of the old folk tried to tell their families this later on and were dismissed as "mom's mind is wandering again"

Okay, which brings me to yesterday. It was a beautiful fall day here and I felt bad because I was once again doing volunteer work for Central Paws while my own dogs were home stuck in the house. We only had about one hour of daylight left when I leashed them all and packed them up in our car. For some reason I went to a spot I haven't been in years and let them off leash. Well....t'was an adventure for sure...... and the following are lessons the dogs learned from our experience....

Life Lessons by Maddy, Louisa and Ginger:

1. If you find rabbit guts in the woods do not drop them proudly at Mommy's feet....apparently she doesn't like them (Louisa)
2. When you come across hunters who are carrying loaded shotguns do not think it is okay to hump their legs....Maddy!
3. When asked if you have to do your "business" don't say no and then do it on the floor of the car (Ginger)
4. Do not drag the marking tape out of Mommy's pockets (that she removed from trees after she removed rabbit snares) in front of the people who set the slips.......oops.........

I really didn't think there would be hunters allowed in that area which I why I chose that path but I came across two carrying loaded rifles.....all I can say is I am glad we arrived home safe and sound......and with a pocket full of blue flagging tape minus the stuff the dogs dragged out to proudly show to the hunters. Oh dear! Must be more careful next time and let people set their slips as much as I don't agree with it. John tells me it is illegal to mess with people's rabbit snares IF they are set in non-residential areas. AND, for the record, I cheerfully lied to the hunters and explained the blue tape being in my pocket being there because I was busy chasing the beasts when I snapped off a branch with the tape on it and took it home rather than littering the forest. Okay, it sounds lame but I tell you I can look mighty innocent (not to mention stunned) at times and they bought it or they just took pity on me.

Stay tuned for more canine adventures......
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