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Thoughts on Recent Election - 30 Day Blog

Thursday, November 08, 2012

7 Ė Talk about your opinion on the presidential election.

Kind of long winded, but I wanted to let you know where I stand on these issues. For the record, you will get very little political talks out of me, so I guess I kind of go off on a tangent when I do talk about it. I guess it was sort of a special occasion with the election and such. Also, I apologize now if I offend anyone with my thoughts. I am just expressing my opinion. If you ever do become offended, please feel free to close the browser or visit another site. I will not be hurt.

Three main topics discussed in this: gay marriage, Obama and the republican party, and rape and abortion.

Let me begin with gay marriage. Four states voted in favor: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. First of all, I believe that marriage should be between two people who love each other, despite their gender. The constitution states that all men are created equal and endowed certain rights, including the pursuit of happiness. If we are allowed to pursue happiness, why does it matter who we pursue it with? To go with this, I donít understand the stereotype for blue being a boys color and pink being a girls color, or boys not playing with dolls and girls not playing with action figures. Same-sex partners is common in the animal kingdom, including dolphins, penguins, giraffes, and chimpanzees. Research has also been done showing that there is a higher divorce rate among first marriages in heterosexual couples than there is in homosexual couples. This means that same-sex couples last together longer than man-woman couples. This study also showed same-sex couples better at resolving conflicts. When Prop 8 was being voted on in Calif, I heard a lot of argument (and even still) that gay parents arenít as good as a mother and father. Unfortunately, the studies done arenít showing this. In fact, they are showing that kids who come from a same-sex home do just as good or can be just as delinquent as those who come from a man-woman home. So no, the sex of your parents are not a good judge to the person you will become. The biggest issue I have is with people who think being gay is a choice. A study among identical and faternal twins help show that your genes can actually be a deciding factor (the study showed that identical twins were more likely to share orientation preference than faternal twins). People donít have a choice as to what gender they are born with (and in some cases, people are born with both male and female parts) and I think there are people who donít have a choice as to their sexual preference. Yes, there may be some people who choose to be gay because of influence or past relationship history. However, there are some who feel that attraction from the very beginning. There are stories of both gay and transgender people who talk about how they knew even in elementary school. We donít try to make dolphins or penguins mate with the opposite sex, so why should we make humans if they choose otherwise? That would be like forcing a cat to become a bird.

Next up will be my thoughts on Obama and the republican party. (I wonít really talk about my opinion of Romney, since I donít have to worry about him being president now. Letís just say that Iím glad we voted for someone who doesnít change his mind every 2 minutes or so.) Obama has been in office for about four years already, and there is a lot of argument going on that he hasnít done much with his time already. Two things on that. One is that George W Bush made a huge mess of things while he was in office that Obama has had to fix, thus derailing or slowing the progress we expect. Bush created the worst economic crash since the great depression. He took a budget surplus from Clinton and turned it into a $10 trillion deficit (the largest weíve seen thus far). (Yes it has gone to $16 trillion, but that is in part to laws Bush created that Obama has not been able to undue and the economy tanking, another Bush thing.) No Child Left Behind is not working the way Bush wanted it to, and the rest of the world is trusting the US, including our allies again (not so under Bush). It has actually been said that Bush was the worst president our country has ever had. (I think even the republican party is not a fan of him as you have no mention of him since he left office Ö the only living past president that seems to not be mentioned. HmmmmÖ.). The second reason I think people see slow progress on Obamaís work is the republican party has been against him since he was first elected. He has tried to cross party lines several times. The affordable health care act, known as Obama care, was actually based very closely on the republican plan of which Romney helped come up with. Yet when Obama signed his name putting it into effect the republican party all of a sudden seem to think its not such a great idea. (Wait a minute, didnít you come up with the same thing???) They opposed Obamaís timeline of getting troops out of Iraq, despite it being the same timeline Bush had established. (Oh, thatís right. You arenít a fan of Bush anymore. That makes since that youíd be against an idea from your own party now.) Obama proposed the American Job act a year ago (took things from both sides including lower taxes on business from republicans and raising taxes on wealthy from democrats). Yet, even though there were things they were wanting, the republicans flat out refused it and were unwilling to compromise or negotiate it. (How can you expect a guy to get things done when you refuse everything he tries and wonít talk about it???)

Despite the republicanís argument that there was little done, there is actually evidence of Obama getting stuff accomplished. Economic stimulus (our economy is growing and not shrinking after crash, unlike Europe), medicare reform (included in Obama care Ė this has been attempted for the past 20 years), repeal ďdonít ask, donít tellĒ (civil rights victory), soldiers out of Iraq, Osama killed and Alqaida crippled (promised by Bush but never succeeded), and deficit reduction plan (built into Obama care Ė saves money over the next 10 years). All this stuff was accomplished during his first two years in office. Okay, well what about the last two years? Well, see previous paragraph. Republicans have been shutting down every action Obama atempts since they took control of the House without negotiation or compromise. They donít say ďhey, letís talkĒ. They flat out refuse!

Okay, on to thoughts of republican party as a whole. And this I know caused some voting to go the way it did. First of all is the issue of womanís health and rights, including contraception, abortion and rape. I am a fan of birth control. For some, it allows them less worry about becoming pregnant. Okay, so why would a woman not want to be pregnant? Maybe their living situation is not suitable for raising a child. I know that if I were to become pregnant, we would definitely be poor and it would be hard to get the care for my child he/she would need. Living on a part-time income is hard enough for me and my husband. Imagine if we added children into the mix. Without health care, complications could come up during the pregnancy and after and there would be no way to get us the help we need. Places like Planned Parenthood and programs like WIC only help so much (and even those type of programs and places face fear of being shut down). For others, its a way to help with issues during their monthly menstraul cycle. This is one of my biggest reasons for taking it. I will spare you the indepth issues, but letís just say without birth control, stay away from me during that week!!! (Just ask my husband and family about that timeÖ) On to womanís health care Ė Ask an average man what he knows about pregnancy, and heíll probably tell you he doesnít know much. Ask him what he knows about the female body, and again he probably canít go more indepth than normal biology classes go. So if a guy doesnít know about a womanís body and how it works, why do they think they can make decisions in health care on this issue? (Good question huh? Letís ask the republicans!) Okay, so youíre a guy and the bible says youíre the head of the house and all that jazz. So? That does not give you the right to tell me how to take care of my body.

(That brings me to another thing that bugs me. When you argue me about these issues or anything else, please donít quote the bible as your answer. I want to know what you think, not what the bible thinks. If I wanted to know the bibleís opinion, Iíd go read it myself.)

Okay, small tangent done (sorry Ė one of the issues I have with Christians). Letís get back on topic. Rape and abortion. Actually, I wonít really talk alot on the issue of rape. But I will say this Ė no one should have to be forced into a situation they donít feel comfortable in. By changing the legal definition of rape, you are allowing sex to occur at any age between anybody, as long as no physical abuse was involved. Doesnít matter if the child was 12 and the adult was 40. Doesnít matter if a person was drugged first and theyíre thinking impaired. The majority of rape is with someone you know. There are lasting reprocuctions on rape victims, including constant fear. Already, rape is severely under-reported. By saying you will only punish certain types of rapes just invites more of the other types and even less reporting. Why should I report? How do I know youíll listen to me? Blah, Iíll just let Alec Baldwin do the talking Ö

Abortion, however, I will give my two cents on. Letís start first with the idea of life beginning at conception, as many who are pro-life will say. Hereís one issue I have with this Ė Abortion is definied as the termination of a pregnancy before a fetus/embryo can survive outside of the womb. Well, if any form of abortion is an act of murder in your eyes, then what about those whoís pregnancy results in miscarriage? A miscarriage is when the fetus itself decides it cannot survive, otherwise known as a spontaneous abortion. If you are pro-life, are you telling me that a woman who has miscarried can be trialed for murder (should abortion be illegal) even though there was no assistance in the abortion outside of her natural body? If that is the case, then my mother could be convicted of murder. Yep, she miscarried with my twin. Umm, I would say that most who are ďpro-lifeĒ would be okay with this kind of abortion. Umm, wait a second Ė I thought you were against the termination of life once conception occurred? Oh, you get to pick the cases in which there are exceptions. (Yeah, that totally doesnít make sense in a normal argument!) Umm, why is it not considered murder? A life (in your eyes) has ended. Or, is that considered suicide, cause the embryo did it on its own? Could the mother and father then be convicted for assisting suicide since they caused that embryo to be created in the first place? The way I see it, you are either pro-life and abortion (all forms) are a form of murder, or you are pro-choice and some cases (but maybe not all) are acceptable. See the issue so far???

I will not tell you when I think life begins, however I will tell you I think there are cases in which an abortion should be allowed, which brings me to the next issue on this topic. Generally speaking, I probably would be against an abortion in the general case of a person deciding they donít want a baby as that child could be given up for adoption. However, I do think there are cases in which an abortion is okay. These exceptions include pregnancys that are a result of rape, incest or child abuse, and when the motherís life is in jeopardy. Cases of multiple embryos (woman pregnant with more than one kid) or signs of birth defect I would probably go on a case by case basis but would not say a blanket yes/no. In other words, it should be up to the doctor and her doctor. (Oh wait, this brings us back to the issue of womanís health as discussed earlierÖ) I can also tell you this. If abortion becomes illegal in America, I think there will be an increase in women leaving the country to have the abortion performed still, or underground practices would emerge even more, which would make it harder to regulate and keep safe. By keeping it legal, medical professions can regulate it more to make sure it is performed safely.
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SANDYCRANE 11/8/2012 7:16AM

    We can agree to disagree. I am not happy with Obama. But he was elected and I will live with that. He has four more years.

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