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Monday, November 05, 2012

Just 3 short year's ago I was 168 pounds at 5'2". I was fat and ugly. I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I started tracking what I ate using this site. Then, I signed up for a new gym that was being built. I waited the two months for it to open and was there the first day it opened. In the meantime I walked before work, on my breaks at work and after work. I found ways to work through injuries along the way: hairline fractured knee cap, pulled delt/bicep, tight IT band causing knee pain, etc. I was always able to find ways to train around or through each injury. Now, I am dealing with a pinched nerve in my C6-C7. I don't want to ever go back to the old me.

This latest injury has been very challenging. I just finished up a great contest season, coming home with a 1st and a 5th. I was jazzed and enthusiastic about adding more muscle in my off season. Two weeks into my offseason, I started having headaches that woke me up in the early morning hours. I went to the chiro as these headaches usually mean my head is not on right She fixed me up and while I was there I told her I was having pain in my shoulder blade area of my left side. She popped me back into place underneath that area. I went back to work feeling alittle better or least I wanted to think so.

I don't know why I looked up at the ceiling at work but when I did I had a sharp pain run down my left arm. I googled my symptom and determined that it might be a pinched nerve. I called and made an appointment to see a doctor first thing the next day. At the doctor's office, she confirmed that I did have a pinched nerve. I was to rest as much as I will allow myself (basically I was to not do anything that cause my neck and arm pain), ice the neck, and take 400 mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 times a day for 5 days. Well, I went to the gym that night and trained with less weight than I usually use. I trained legs but I did do stiffed legged deadlifts. Then, the next day I was cleaning house and found that leaning forward and using my left arm was painful. The next day I experienced pain whenever I leaned forward and my left thumb started feeling like it had a tight bandage wrapped around it. I forgot that taking ibuprofen would deaden my ability to determine if something was actually painful.

I called my chiro the following Tuesday and she recommended I try a traction collar to relieve some of the pressure on my nerve. I ordered one the next day but would not reach me until Friday the next week. I saw the chiro again on that Thursday and she advised me to be very conscious of my shoulder blades especially when leaning forward. I need to squeeze them together.

Anyways, I haven't gone back to the doc yet. I have a follow up appointment on the 15th. I see my chiro again this Thursday. My traction collar finally got her last Friday. I haven't noticed any benefit yet from wearing it twice a day. Can't wait to ask her for more guidance in using it. I am still icing my neck every night. I started out taking 400 mg ibuprofen three times a day. I did a little training about a week ago, just one set of 10 reps each exercise with no or little weight. No chest or back exercises.

Tonight, I hit the gym with the intention of just doing some cardio. My left arm was giving me fits and I almost talked myself out of going to the gym. Somehow I made it anyways. I started by doing 10 minutes on the treadmill. I finished that and had this damn this injury attitude. I put on my weight gloves and did the following:

Glute Machine 2x10 (30#)
Leg Press 3x10 (70#)
Leg Curls 2x10 (50#)
Standing Straight Arm Pulldowns 2x10 (20#)
Underhand Tricep Pushdowns 1x10 (15), 1x8 (15) pain at the second set so stopped
Cable Single Arm Bicep Curls 2x10(10)
Rear Delt Machine 1x10(10) 1x10(25)
Side Laterals 2x10(10)
Played around with some of the Hammer Strength chest machines with no weight
Finished off with 13 minutes on the bike

I will find out tomorrow if I overdid it but I was so frustrated. It is so frustrating to watch my muscles dwindled and not having anyway to make this injury go away. I have been able to drop down to only twice a day ibuprofen but the headaches have been waking me up again since last week. I am hoping the chiro will fix that this week. I am able to do cardio like biking, stairmaster, walking and hiking so I am going to try and be more regular about this. I will try to do weights twice a week if I am not sorry I did what I did today tomorrow.

Also, I have gone back to tracking my daily food intake. I tried planning my meals but found me diverting from my plan. I think the act of logging in exactly what I am eating will keep me more aware of what I am putting in my mouth and make me accountable. I found old emotional eating habits creaping in with the depression I have felt several times so far from not being able to train like I am used to.

Sorry this is so long but I want my friends and fans to understand that I struggle just like everyone else. I just refuse to give up! I want to stay fit somehow, pain be damned!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am a new fan and hope you get completely well soon.
    Do you eat SAD or paleo or what?
    1910 days ago
  • LADYJ6942
    Take it easy and don't over do it. You sound like your doing the right thing for the most part. Check out the BLC thread photos, I posted one from Fitness World about emotional eating. It can be a huge beast to fight but you can do this. You've not worked this hard, accomplished this much to go backwards. Hugs
    1929 days ago
    Take it easy on yourself as your body tries to heal. I know it's hard, but you'll get better faster.
    1929 days ago
    Keep taking good care of yourself and I hope that the injury resolves itself really, really soon. Hang in there!
    1930 days ago
    Be kind to yourself. Permanent nerve damage is a nightmare. Please be safe!
    1930 days ago
    Be careful!! Listen to the doctor. If you want to stay active, you may need to slow down and let your body heal before some permanent damage occurs.

    I understand it's harder then it sounds after all the progress you have made but you need to heal.
    1930 days ago
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